38 thoughts on “Batman: Knightmares by Tom King

  1. I always like when a comic plays with different art forms but honestly it rarely works because the art is going to be seen different depending who is reading it. Sounds like if the art had succeeded in making the nightmares pop you would have enjoyed this more. Honestly though I agree sounds like an excellent idea that wasn’t developed enough. Sorry to hear you couldn’t get behind it Lashaan!!

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      1. hahahaha! I had no idea. Maybe that is my heretofore unknown secret super power? Frenchy Man?

        Somehow that brings to mind some guy wearing a french fry as a costume, not exactly what I’d want 😀

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  2. A tragic wedding story? 😱😱😱 You have got me intrigued? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!? Was it like The Red Wedding in GoT!? Murders and all?

    And that quote you included!? Of Tom King? WOW!! I LOVED ITT!! 😍😍

    I am sorry you had trouble with the artwork though. I can imagine how it must be frustrating trying to be accustomed to different artists with every issue?

    And I agree that sometimes the ideas aren’t executed properly and it gets Soo very irritating, seeing a story that could have done better – IF ONLY!

    LOVED THE REVIEW, Lashaan! As always! ❤️❤️ I think I read enough of these reviews, I might just become Batman’s fan! 🤣🤣❤️

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    1. Hahahah nothing like the Red Wedding. This was just a huge disappointment for Batman on the day he was waiting for Catwoman at the “altar”. 😉 Yes, it’s a cute quote hahah It’s really not just because the artwork changes but because some of the art wasn’t as powerful as they could’ve been. Well, I’m definitely glad to hear that about Batman cause he’s my number 1 hero of all time and is very present on my blog! 😂

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      1. Oh, damn! 🤣🤣 That sucks! I don’t know much about Catwoman apart from seeing some of her pins on Pinterest but I SHIP THEM SOOO MUCH!! 😍😍❤️❤️👻

        WELL HE DEFINITELY ISS! And no one who reads your post can doubt THAT! 🤣🤣 Still, I enjoy reading your reviews, as always! Not to mention that they teach me how to be more coherent in mine so that’s always a plus! 😉😉❤️

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  3. Excellent thoughts my friend! My opinion is actually not too far off of yours (perhaps 3 stars overall for me), “Knightmares” was an interesting experiment and a neat idea in principle but it ultimately dragged out into too many issues and the whilst the use of a different artist for each chapter was neat, conceptually, it didn’t quite work as well in execution. I found it a little less bothersome reading the individual issues as they came out but can see how reading them collected/in succession would diminish the reading experience.

    I’ve been enjoying “City of Bane” but, alas, John Romita Jr is currently spoiling that a little…quite jarring after Tony Daniel/Clay Mann’s work on previous issues.

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    1. Thanks man! Exactly. A nice comic book experiment but slightly too long and not as connected as it should’ve been. It’s interesting that reading individually didn’t bother you more. 😮 I mean not being able to understand too much where everything was going until the final issue of the arc came around? Interesting.

      Maaaaan, I’m skeptic about the next arc. :\ I’m not too sure if it’s going to be what I’ll need to get on the King train; I was never a fan of King’s Bane after all… I do hope it proves me wrong but your thoughts on the artwork have me scared now hahah


  4. Well Lashaan with your absolute love of Batman indeed these were pretty disappointing to get only two stars! And as far as the art is concerned (you know that I am a very visual person and that the art is important to me) I can get what you mean!

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    1. Hahahah yep, I am quite strict with my Batman stories since I sort of know what a good story is like with everything I’ve read so far in my life! 😛 And you’re absolutely right, Sophie. Artwork is just as important as the story when it comes to any comic book! 😀


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