Joker Movie Review : Not Quite Perfect

A lot of controversies surrounding this movie, a masterpiece that moved peoples’ hearts. However, if we go straight to the point: how was the movie? I loved it but it wasn’t a 10/10 and it wasn’t perfect.


Undeniably, Joaquin Phoenix’s acting and performance. The Joker is such a dark and sad character but you have to really step into the darkest part of yourself to play someone this marginalized by the society. It criticized how the system does not help the mentally illed, the poor, and they suffer from it. And his laugh alone is worth any Oscar to be honest.

I love one particular scene where he dances in the bathroom right after his first act of liberation, the moment he became aware of the power he possessed.

The movie cinematography also plays a huge part, all the angles are poetic and bringing the uncomfortable feeling to life is a genius move. Also the soundtrack reincarnates one of those fantasy movies where instead of having the hero, we witness the downfall of a man.


Honestly, if the movie was called anything but the Joker, it would be a 10/10.

My problem with the movie is that it’s referring to one of the origins of one of the biggest villains in the comics world. While watching the movie, I kept asking:“Okay and..?” I kept waiting for that moment where I would see the Joker I’ve read in the comics come to life or even make its appearance. And no just because you put some green dye in the hair and matching suit, it doesn’t make you The Joker.

But that moment never came because as much as they want to make him look like a villain. This Joker is not.

He’s simply a guy who suffers from loss, trauma and mental illness who got away with murdering people and start a rebellion.

I’ve read way too many graphic novels about the Joker to accept that’s how they were going to portray my favourite villain on screen. The final murder I would expect them to go much more gory and violent, or a “farce” of sort.

Overall, it is an excellent movie, it’s showing that he’s a human being, he’s a victim and he’s very wounded. It’s definitely not my version of the Joker but I can appreciate the genius move behind this one. It’s raw, sensational and will captivate every single mind in the theatre.

What’s your take on this Joker movie? Did you like it?

Let me know if you are interested in a post with all the comic books references in this movie!

18 thoughts on “Joker Movie Review : Not Quite Perfect

  1. The Joker through its trailers gave out so much about itself
    That when you go to see the movie you realise that you are watching the trailers all over again .
    Except Jacquins Perfomance the plot falters and is entirely devoid of A SINGLE DROP OF MATURITY

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  2. Haha Trang after having read Lashaan ‘s review (and he was the one to push me to go see it) I can compare LOL But I disagree on one point with you: we do get the birth of the Joker. The first crimes were of “circumstances” as these three yuppies had pushed him one step too far that horrid day. But the presentator’s death was premeditated. A switch was flipped and at that moment he felt entitled to do it and thought “f@ck” let’s kill them all. Or at least that’s how I viewed the movie 😉

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    1. I think justifying it as a prequel to the real Joker is too easy. Why did they call it Joker at all? I would love it it was simply The Origin or even Arthur. That would justify everything you just said. I akso appreciate the slow building tension of him becoming a murderer but that’s not just him that can he Hannibal Lecter as far as I know or any other murderer. But the fact that they put on the Joker name makes me have expectations about the character, about it being the villain. I also have to review it as a single movie, if I review everything with the expectations of it as being just an introduction to the character that means we know for sure there is a sequel. Which isn’t 😂

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      1. I get it now! OK I can see what you mean because indeed it’s about the “making of” the Joker not his misdeeds when he is already the villain that we know about! 😉


  3. Refreshing to hear your thoughts Trang as I had similar issues with this as a “Joker” film. There’s no denying how brilliant it was as a piece of filmmaking and in terms of Phoenix’s performance but I think it created a bit too much empathy for the character…we’re not meant to feel sorry for the Joker.

    It’s also not really a film to ‘enjoy’…I’m glad to have seen it but I can’t see myself revisiting it again and again in comparison to Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COMMENT. 😍😍🙏 I think it’s so refreshing to find someone who has the exact thoughts as me about this movie 😂 😂 I keep trying to explain to people this feeling. We are not meant to feel sorry for him. That’s it. His origins were supposed to be mysterious. No doubt the acting is Oscar worthy but if we see it as The Joker. Something was off for me. Even after watching the movie. I wasn’t satisfied.

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  4. I actually agree a lot! I really didn’t like this one. I’m not as familiar with the comic book version but I still just didn’t think this was a good origin story. I think one place it failed is that it tries to get you to understand this poor v rich message but its not actually SHOWN. Sure, you see protests, but what led to those protests? They never show the lives of the poor. And MOST of the times that Arthur was put down was actually be people from his neighborhood… So, yeah, the people that rallied behind him and that message missed the mark. For 2 hours, it didn’t really show much. Great review!


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