19 thoughts on “Goddess Mode by Zoë Quinn

    1. DC has had to struggle with this side of their business for years now, less than Marvel, if you ask me… It has been much more cleaner since the recent reboot but hopefully they’ll find a publishing strategy that works. The 3 imprint idea for now seems alright, although they’ve lost something pretty huge by abandoning Vertigo for the 2nd time now.

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  1. Too much flesh for too little bones hu? LOL I guess what you mean is more backbones was needed for the story! AsI said on IG though I love the art in this one!

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  2. The comic looks rather clean and visually appealing to me.
    As I read your review, I thought to myself that it seems to have EVERYTHING trendy in it. There’s all the buzz words. And then you say: “modern, socially relevant, high-concept, inventive”. Yup, sounds about right.

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  3. Soooo artificial intelligencee!! GOODIE!! 😍😍😍❤️ I once read short story wayyyyyy back when I was in 3rd grade…it was a about a veryy intelligent robot who could do (according to our little imaginations 🤣) GREAT things! 😍😍❤️ I used to ask mum and dad to get a robot for our house too…🤣🤣 They got really tired of my obsession with them! 🤣🤣

    And Zoe Quinn…have I heard that name before? BECAUSE I THINKI HAVEEEE!! Seriously though, I love that cover 😍❤️ and judging by your review, the book lives up to your expectations, yeah? Well, thats all that matters anyway!


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    1. Hahahahah well artificial intelligence is pretty much the future now so maybe if you ask bow, there’s more chance that you could get one. Or just stick to Siri on your Iphone! 😂

      It’s the first time I hear about her but she did make the rounds on the news for some issues recently.

      It really is a fun story with great art to gaze at! Ohhhhhw, you’re too kind hahaha Getting books is already some sort of payment 😂 But money would never be a bad thing, rigggghhht? Hahahah Thank you again for your kind words, Rain! I appreciate it a lot! 😁

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  4. What an ambitious premise!!? Even though it didn’t seem to impress you as well as it should have. I like the idea that she’s tech support and is drawn into this secret nano world… but it sounds like it gets too bizarre and a little off track. And the art is pretty stinky TBH. I did love reading about the history of the labels though. I think its fascinating how comic companies think the different labels are so important.

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    1. It has a pretty cool premise huh? I think it has a lot of potential but I think we won’t be getting a volume 2 unfortunately. And I have to admit that it’s the first time I hear someone call art… stinky. hahahahahaah I giggle for that one. What do you mean by it though hahahaahh Is it a positive or a negative thing? Hahahaha


  5. Wonderful review, Lashaan 😍 As you said, it sounds like they tried to fit all the ingredients to make it work! I love the artwork but I thought it would look more like the cover picture so I was quite disappointed when I saw the other pages 😂

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