Justice League: The Grid by Geoff Johns

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18 thoughts on “Justice League: The Grid by Geoff Johns

  1. Oooops! Seems like this one was a disappointment, huh, Lashaan? ☹️☹️ Still, the one thing that REALLLYYY caught my attention apart from your fabulous and clear writing is THAT THERE’S GOING TO BE A WARRRRRR!?!?!! *gasps*

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  2. See, things like this are why I don’t even bother looking in the graphic novel section of Barnes & Noble’s anymore. I never know if I’m actually going to get a complete story or not. That is just totally not cool.

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    1. I can’t blame you. When it comes to superheroes, it has always been quite messy, unless you read then as single issues and actually do a lit of research beforehand… nowadays, it’s less chaotic when it comes to compilations but crossovers still create these kinds of issues unfortunately. But not all graphic novels are this messy though! 😁

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  3. Hm, yeah, I do recall this being a bit of a mess and more so with having Trinity War as the next collection (but strangely not labelled as the next numerical volume). I’m pretty sure it steadies out with the ‘Amazo Virus’ arc…keep going and don’t lose heart, the run is worth it for “the Darkseid War”, great review sir!

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    1. Yep. The bundling was super odd but man, there were so many cash grab collected editions back then. Just the Batman run was an excellent example with the Joker volumes and those crossover volumes…

      Otherwise, I’m going to reach the end for sure. I made it a 2019 resolution to read Darkseid War because of you after all! 😂

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