Baltimore Omnibus Vol. 1 by Mike Mignola

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22 thoughts on “Baltimore Omnibus Vol. 1 by Mike Mignola

  1. Interesting.

    What is it about vampires that has caught the imagination of humanity and turned them into a staple of our minds? While I’m not a fan of Buffy-style, Spike/Angel variety of vampire, the original Dracula really calls to me.

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    1. Well, there are parts within the omnibus where the quality wavered, and where the story didn’t move an inch forward yet took almost 50 pages to tell a story. The 3rd volume of the four in here is also a collection of short stories which were not all perfect. I gave it 4 stars for its overall impression on me and how it managed to build an “identity” for this series. Hopefully the 2nd and final omnibus will contain just as good or better stories now.

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  2. Well once more you thought me something Lashaan as I had never heard of Lord Henry Baltimore before! The colors here are dark or muted I guess fitting the theme of war and hunting vampires!

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    1. It’s a particular style that you definitely get used to once you try stories by Mike Mignola for sure. It’s through the Hellboy series that I learned to appreciate it, for example, since I was a bit skeptical of the style throughout the first volumes. Baltimore does have some issues along the line, especially some arcs where the story doesn’t exactly progress but you learn more about the world.


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