2019 in blogging : lessons & opportunities

Hi Everyone ! ❤

As the month of October comes to an end, I wanted to share with you some introspection over my blogging experience this past year, in this post, I would describe what worked and what didn’t in another post.

It also gives you an overview of my other projects besides Bookidote. 


I mentioned in my other posts before that I got a food blog and a fashion blog. What started as a simple food blogging ended up being my main business: in less than 6 months, I built my own photography business and I have found a way not only to make money, but also share my love for food with everyone else. I am so grateful that the restaurants were willing to trust me on these projects and for referring me to other people as well. I am now still accepting restaurants contracts and food photoshoots despite my medschool journey. I get to invite my friends and my family during the shoot and free food !


One of the biggest achievements I had is to be able to have a partnership with airlines and being able to bring my Mommy to France. I would never expect food photography to lead me that far into opportunities. I still remember how the book blog also get me sent to Santa Monica for the Young Adult Book Fest. It’s a good memory 🙂


I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, my first ever blogging experience was about fashion. I started to post some outfits of the day posts on Instagram and that’s mainly how my account grew. I was over the moon when I got my first invitation to NYC fashion week and by networking in the event, I got myself invited to Paris Fashion Week as well. All expenses paid! 😍 I got the chance to see the Chanel runway show and talk to Jennie from Blackpink!

I always like to push myself, giving 110% in everything I do, and with blogging I got very specific goals. Once I reach them, I always thriving for more. It started with fashion, books and then food, There’s a pattern in my blogging: it’s about hobbies that interested me. I’m happy that I’m being able to master those skills, share it but also constantly learning new things.

We don’t give blogging enough credits. Either you do it for fun, for yourself, blogging has always been my therapy.

A place where I kept myself sane from all the science and knowledge of medschool.

Blogging and content creation is my creative outlet and escape. Somewhere I’m feeling welcomes by my pairs for posting pictures of either books, fall outfits or even a bowl of ramen in the cold season. Everything requires attention, work and discipline. That’s what I’m the most grateful with blogging. It taught me so many things but taught me to not give up.

7 thoughts on “2019 in blogging : lessons & opportunities

  1. I’m so happy you got all of these incredible opportunities thanks to blogging and that it has been both your escape and a wonderful creative outlet for you, too, Trang. You deserve all the success in the world ❤


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