Parasite (2019) – Movie Review

Having won the Palme D’or de Cannes this year, Parasite is on everyone’s minds and I had to watch it. Hell, I wasn’t disappointed.

I haven’t seen a movie with so much details on every screen, while blending drama, suspense thriller and comedy. This movie should be studied in school because the storytelling is compelling and a masterwork. You will, laugh, shiver, stress with the characters.

It’s a satirical movie about the disparities between social classes, our dilemmas and moral compasses but treated in a different angle. The first scene introduces us to a low income family, the Kim’s, who find themselves become con-artists in an unwanted predicament. This is where the storytelling genius stroke comes in, not one scene was unnecessary, the plot ties the dots and the characters altogether, making the viewers have the perfect focal point on their development.

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One of my favourite scenes from the movie is when Bong-Joon Ho’ s skillfully insert the Mission Impossible suspenseful operation vibe and style in his cinematography when the family started to elaborate their first plans. The chain of reaction and consequences was entertaining, witty and with enough humour to make us laugh here and there transforming a serious plan into a comedy real fast. Overall, I highly recommend this movie.

Did you watch it? How did you find the movie?

18 thoughts on “Parasite (2019) – Movie Review

  1. 2019 has been a pretty hit-or-miss year for films, but Parasite definitely stands as one of the stronger efforts. It’s a great black comedy that’s not afraid to get super-dark, which kind of makes me think of Brazil in that regard.

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  2. Saw this yesterday. Found it to be creative, not humorous but kinda mean, too meandering (disagree that every scene has a point) and not with any likable characters. Not the rich, poor or servants, the scammed or the scammers. Just a cesspool of unlikable characters. Sure, tons of subtext, but who was there to root for here? Or was the whole point in celebrating the “message.” I don’t care for movies that are only trying to be clever. Major points for being different, however. I liked that aspect of it.


    1. Good to know that you find it creative too.We obviously don’t have the same taste in terms of movies. I love unlikable characters and find it very funny and interesting. I don’t think we also see the necessary content in the same perspective but that’s fine and I respect your feedback.


      1. Oh, I LOVE antagonists, great villains and totally unlikable characters. DOCTOR SLEEP playing right now has Rose The Hat played by Rebecca Ferguson and I loved her character. At the same time we get Abra, played by young actress, Kyleigh Curran. Dark vs. Light. JOKER was filled with unlikable characters too, which kind of ruined it for me. I just like a little light — some light — to offset darkness. I think would would have made PARASITE better would have been some message at the end … some bit of hope. There was no hope in this movie, it was only despair and cruelty. That is what disappointed me. Sure, that’s realistic, I suppose.

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        1. That’s funny because I just watched Doctor Sleep and my least favorite character was Rose The Hat 😂 she was not the villain I was expecting since I kind of created my own villain while reading the book. I expected more of a gruesome, in-depth villain. I, however, loved Abra in the movie. She had that spark from the start that makes you want to stay with her all along. I think it’s just a manner of different perspectives and feelings, and contexts, especially while reviewing books or even movies. On top of that, you may have had already high expectations while entering the theatre. I had none, I went in a blank state didn’t even know what the story was about nor the praise it had. As I mentioned in my other posts, different opinions are okay and I don’t think Unpopular Opinions are that Unpopular. I have read many bad reviews of The Parasite as well and I totally respect that. It just depends on the blogosphere you are surrounded with. For me, the scene in the end gave me enough closure, even if it was a glimpse of hope. I think this movie is more creative in the way it treats the same themes The Joker Movie wanted to elude. I reviewed the Joker quite.. Severely as well 😂 but again, it’s all personal opinions.

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  3. I haven’t seen The Parasite yet, but I’m glad I read your review. I wasn’t aware of the movie, and yet I’ve enjoyed just about every movie I’ve seen by Joon-ho Bong, as well as most starring Kang-ho Song. I look forward to seeing this one.

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    1. The ending is different, certain, but the overall movie and approach is a lot more original than all the movies I’ve seen released this year ahah and I’ve seen every single one of them in theatres 🙂

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      1. Well, yes, it was a great movie, I did not mean to sound so negative. And, yes, it could be more original than some of the movies released this year, but for me it felt like Lanthimos/Finley/Park Chan-wook approach.


  4. I saw it too but didn’t like it as much. There were some moments that were funny that I enjoyed though. Part of the disappointment though is that it didn’t turn out to be the sci-fi/horror flick I was expecting based on the title and movie poster and previews.

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    1. It helped to come in a movie not having expectations (a lesson learned from the Joker movie haha), and au contraire the choice of the word parasite is what makes me like this movie even more 🙂

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