Preacher (Book One) by Garth Ennis

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25 thoughts on “Preacher (Book One) by Garth Ennis

  1. This review makes me wish I read comic books! I love the idea of being able to compel people with speech alone. There doesn’t happen to be a novelization of this somewhere does there?

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    1. It’s never too late to pick these up. 😉 It’s easy to dive into and doesn’t require any knowledge whatsoever. And it’s a very popular series too, so any library with a comic book section for adults should have it hahah I don’t think they ever went on to novelize this unfortunately.


  2. Yay for Ennis! I absolutely love his Punisher run, and the only thing of his that I didn’t much appreciate was his take on Thor – here, Aaron is my go-to guy 😀 As for the Preacher, it’s still ahead of me, so I’ve got something to look forward to! 😉

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  3. Am glad for your review. You’ve convinced me to actually give this one a try. I dismissed the comic book when someone told me about it because I didn’t like the art, and I wasn’t feeling the first episode of the TV show either. I didn’t really give it a chance because I think I watched it shortly after looking at the comic book and I really didn’t like the art. But it seems that the story is good. I’ll try again.

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  4. Wow, it sounds like you really enjoyed this comic book! 😱 The theme of religion is, in my opinion, always very interesting and it sounds like they did a great job in using it here! 😊 Though, I’m not sure I’m ready to face all the world’s worst atrocities so I’ll probably won’t read this 😂 Amazing review, Lashaan!

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