Superman: Year One by Frank Miller

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19 thoughts on “Superman: Year One by Frank Miller

  1. I am now at the point where I don’t even WANT to read any new comics because of how various characters get “the treatment”. Is imagination so lacking in these writers that they can’t come up with their own new story instead of simply re-telling an Origin story that has been done to death already? I mean, Elseworlds explored so many varied Supes origins that any new “twist” today feels like the writer making a point or something instead of telling a good story.

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    1. It is quite unfortunate that many classics are just rehashed and the result is just the same or just subpar. I don’t mind it that much since two same stories can’t possibly look the same and that’s where it makes it fun to see how the writer/artists will do it this time. I also see these stories as an opportunity to revisit classic stories or allow newcomers to discover them for the first time (although I do hope the quality won’t be questionable, making it a bad entry point for some). But man… I can assure you that Frank Miller and Superman don’t really go hand in hand… And since a pretty good while, Frank Miller and Batman don’t get along at all too.


  2. I think the general consensus is that Frank Miller could never nail Superman the same way he could Batman. If the reviews of his work are anything to go by, he just doesn’t get the character and you giving two stars to this book isn’t surprising as a result. Then again, as of the 21st century, he couldn’t really do Batman justice either (or any character, really).

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    1. I am absolutely with you. I don’t think he could ever do him right, even if he forced himself to (which was the case here). He just ends up giving the character the wrong persona/background/story. So far, Frank Miller’s more modern work have been horrible in my books and I have almost no hope that he can do anything good anymore. I’ll still check out whatever trash he decides to shoot out way though… It’ll be my own little cathartic exercise to write a negative review…

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      1. Yeah, some creators are like that – incredibly influential and brilliant for a very brief moment in time and not a nanosecond longer. I’m not sure what caused Frank Miller to go nuts, but when he fell, he fell hard.

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  3. Your love for Miller is well known by now, Lashaan! 😉 But another Superman origin story? Please, how many times can we go through this?
    Frankly, though, I think I’ve had enough of Miller for the time being. The style of Romita Jr. is peculiar, and doesn’t fit well everywhere, but some of his comics are just a perfect meld of the story and the art – some of the Spider-man stories, for example, or the Eternals, or even Snyder’s All Star Batman 😀

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    1. At this point, I’ve given up in Miller’s ability to write anything good anymore. His artwork has degraded over the years too. I’m totally with you and Romita Jr., I liked it a lot with Snyder’s All-Star Batman and thought it fit pretty well together (Snyder’s writer and Romita Jr’s art). But when it doesn’t fit or Romita Jr. decides to do those odd facial designs for Batman (a cubic face of sorts), it’s just hard to enjoy…

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  4. Hm, yeah…can’t say I’m surprised really – everything I’ve heard about Superman: Year One has been pretty negative and as we’ve both mentioned previously, the quality of Frank Miller’s modern output just continues to disappoint. I can’t say that I’m interested in ever checking this out to be honest as there seems to be very little that redeems it…and John Romita Jr is always a hard sell for me (unless it’s some of his earlier work which is actually quite good).

    Great review Lashaan, think you’ve said all I need to hear about this title and enough reason to avoid it!

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