The 10 Commandments of Reading

I come up with these just for fun, inspired by real events happened to me and that I see people around me do it haha.

    1. Thou shalt not skip to the end of the book.
    2. Thou shalt never spoil the end of the book.
    3. Thou shalt read the book before the movie because the book is better (80% of the time) and you will regret seeing the movie spoiling you an ending that the book made better.
    4. Thou shalt respect the order of a series. I’ve seen people taking the second book and be like okay whatever I’ll just the synopsis of the first book.
    5. Thou shalt replace a damaged book that someone lends it to you.One of my friend damages one of my fave books in high school and it pissed me off.
    6. Thou shalt never tear pages in a book for a DIY project.
    7. Thou shalt prepare to spend hours in a library.
    8. Thou shalt never look at the clock if thou start reading past 9:00PM.
    9. Thou shalt never dog-ear the pages. Get anything as a bookmark.10. Thou shalt have fun!
(c) Trang Tran

What do you think about these? What would you add? 🙂


16 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments of Reading

  1. I agree with literally everything on this list. I have such a hard time not looking at the ending though. It is always so interesting for me to just read the last line of the book. I always have to stop myself. But also who reads book series starting with the second book? The first book is always one of the best books.


  2. Great post! When I read the title, I thought I would say – “No, I always do that, so what?” But, I cannot say that, and I agree with all these rules 🙂


  3. Hi Trang,
    this was a very fun list.
    For numer 4 does it also count when you do that without knowing? It has happened to me before to pick up a book thinking it was a standalone only to discover that it was something like the third book in a series. However in that case I’m going to read them in the right order and re-read that particular book whent it’s it’s turn.
    And number 8, I’m guilty of that, I usually read before going to bed, but I frequently check the clock so that I get enough sleep to wake up early the next morning. Doing so I end up reading only half an hour.
    Finally I would add “Thou shalt not finish a book if you’re not liking it” and “You shalt not read a book if you don’t feel like it”. I’m a mood reader, so I choose my reads based on how I’m feeling, if I discover that I’m not in the mood for the one I’m reading, I put it down. And If I’m really hating it I DNF it.


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