22 thoughts on “Hawkeye (Vol. 2) by Matt Fraction

  1. I have to admit that this did not make me want to read it. It might be because of my aversion to super heroes. I have an even bigger one to people who are “average” yet are not. I do like the clean looking art, though. Definitely unusual and unexpected, but it works.

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  2. “Madame Masque” HOW VERY CHIC! ❤️😍😍😍🤣🤣

    And FINALLY someone I know a teeny tiny bit about! 🤣 And yet I had no idea Clint had a brother as well?! *gasp* Guess there is just so much you can cover in a few movies, yeah? 😅

    Well, although I used to be quite indifferent about Hawkeye, now it feels like I have to know more about him you know!

    AMAZING REVIEW, Lashaan! 😍❤️💕🦋💎🧜‍♀️👻☔️☀️☃️ (MY FAVORITE EMOJIS – my way of letting you know that I liked this post. 🤣😉😂)

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    1. Ahhahaha and Madame Masque is actually quite fancy in her lifestyle too! 😂 and yes, it’s sort of a surprise but I thought it didn’t matter to much to mention him (definitely not something you’ll see in the movies but maybe something they’ll introduce in the TV show hahah)

      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support, Rain! 😂

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      1. Well, she better be matching her lifestyle is she wants to live up ro her name! 🤣🤣🤣

        You are MOST welcome, Lashaan!

        Ps: on a COMPLETELY different subject, have you watched any vides of Alex Meyers on Youtube?! Well, I just found out about him and HE IS THE FUNNIEST DUDE! His (sort of) reviews of movies and tv shows are HILARIOUS!
        🤣🤣 He just reviewed Batwoman and…well..🤣🤣❤️🤣

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    1. Hahah glad to hear good ol’ UK finally getting some release dates for stream platforms! This series would indeed be worth checking out before they deliver the show. It doesn’t, however, cover any of the Ronin stuff that they added to Hawkeye because of the movie though. They’re going to have to be clever about how they mix it all together.


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