Forever Evil by Geoff Johns

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21 thoughts on “Forever Evil by Geoff Johns

  1. I’m a sucker for these crossover/event books, and I really enjoyed the story and art. I’m definitely interested in knowing what awaits the villains that survived and how that will affect the Justice League in the future. My writing partner Kathleen is enjoying reading the Agents of Spyral series, which addresses Nightwing’s fate.

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    1. I’m glad to hear how much you nejoyed it, Nancy! It’s definitely a nice episode in the DC Universe. I do look forward a lot to the next crossover event myself that will probably blow my mind!

      Oh yes, Tom King’s and Seeley’s Nightwing series. I plan on checking that one out in 2020 too. 😀

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  2. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed this after the (understandable) disappointments of the previous two JL volumes – I knew you would! I have to give this a re-read myself, it’s certainly much more cohesive than the messier crossovers and a big help that it’s a seven issue series with ONE artist (love David Finch) and the great Geoff Johns writing. I hope this gets adapted or used as the basis of a future animated movie…if not live action!

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    1. I wish they’d understand sooner rather than later how a one-writer-and-one-artist project is almost always better for them in the long run. It would be pretty cool to see it adapted someday, although the movies would maybe have to introduce the multiverse first (maybe post-Flashpoint). 😂


    1. They are images that I create. I change the font and justification according to the quote I select too. I don’t put tooooo much time into graphic design (based on past experience, it takes too much time for me to do cuter things) hahah 😂 I appreciate the kind comment though!

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