Overused YA Tropes That Need To Stop

I’ve just finished my shares of YA recently and instead of bluntly bashed every single one of them on this blog, I have concocted a list for you that show the general tropes of YA that has been overly done or limit annoying.

  1. Emotional, toxic and abusive bad boys. When will we start to show the readers that Gentlemen exist and you don’t need to be loved by that boy who purposely acting like an asshole just so you could chase him.
  2. Love Triangles. Can we please stop with those?  Is there anyone in real life who’s enjoying being in a love triangle? If you can’t decide, that means it wasn’t meant to be begin with. #stop wasting your time
  3. Insta-Loves.  Probably the most unrealistic trope out there. You are telling me right now that you’ll meet a guy and ready to turn him into your prince charming and marry him after 24 hours spending with him? Better wake up. The reality is people have difficulty to trust one another to start with. Even less falling in love right away.
  4. “She’s such a bad-ass female protagonist because she is into.. ARCHERY” Oh my god.  I swear, if I read another YA book that the female character has an exceptional talent in archery I’m going to throw it out my window LOL
  5. Also, the “I’m stuck in a castle and oh misery I Have to live a fancy life in order to survive”. Okay princess, you are suffering, we all get it. In the same tone, any time she learns she’s secretly royalty.

What else would you add on this list? 


17 thoughts on “Overused YA Tropes That Need To Stop

  1. 16-17 year olds that can take on the world while adult scientists who have been looking into a problem for years cant come up with a solution… “dont worry Waltzing Matilda’s gonna be here any second to save the day!”

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  2. Yes to all of the above. I’ve never been a fan of love triangles, they make everyone look bad and takes away from the story with the silly shipping wars. I can’t and never will back a love triangle. Toxic bad boys are another trope that I’d love to see put to rest. Give me my sweet, soft boys that respect their significant other.

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  3. Don’t forget about a character’s ability to get out of sticky situations using paranormal-level methods of deduction and amazing fighting skills they ‘didn’t know they possessed’! Nothing like one of these dear souls to make to you feel inadequate! ^_^


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