13 thoughts on “Hawkeye (Vol. 3) by Jeff Lemire

  1. The artwork looks pretty good! I’m sorry to hear it didn’t live up to your expectations, though… Still, not that surprising, as Hawkeye was always Marvel’s ugly duckling 😂

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  2. Great review Lashaan, it’s a shame that Fraction and Aja couldn’t have produced their own epilogue – I do loathe it when I series that has been great has it’s original creators leave and the follow up team not managing, despite their best efforts, to live up to what has come before.

    Oh and that’s a very 60’s Bond title sequence, although it did remind me more of Archer!

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    1. Thanks, my friend. Honestly, I’m not sure if Fraction’s and Aja’s run really needed an epilogue arc too but then again, Lemire didn’t do a bad job either.

      I do hope the show will have the quality of the Netflix Marvel series. And it’s true, it does have Archer traits!


  3. I love the artwork (the one on the first pictures, I guess it’s watercolour ?)!! 😱 The quote is pretty sad but it definitely can give an interesting aspect to the story! Also, I’m still disappointed by the targets on the cover being purple, again 😛

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