18 thoughts on “Akira (Vol. 5) by Katsuhiro Otomo

  1. I had not realized it was released over almost 8years. Man, am I glad I could read the whole thing at once!

    How do you feel about this a “manga”, versus some other manga? I love this but wouldn’t recommend it to a lot of people who might want to dabble in manga just because it is so intense. Just like I wouldn’t recommend Dickens to someone who wants to read a book for fun and hasn’t read one since highschool. Funny thing is, I still recommend it 😀 😀 😀

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      1. I can sneak Dickens into almost everything. Some subjects I might have to try a bit harder, but I’ll shoehorn ol’ Dickens in somehow! 😉

        Actually though, I’m pretty sure some of his stuff has gotten the manga treatment.

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    1. It’s indeed nice that they’re collected properly, there aren’t a gazillion volumes to pick up, and you can easily reread/dive into each volume, knowing exactly what happened so far. I look forward to the final volume soon.

      Oh, it’s nothing like the more popular modern manga series nowadays. It’s not oriented towards the same public either, I feel. I wouldn’t recommend Akira to people who are looking for something like Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, etc. Exactly like you, I see it like a classic à la Dickens. Depending on whose asking, I’ll recommend it only if they are ready to take into consideration the context behind its creation and if they’re looking to understand the underlying themes/ideas and not just superficial action scenes! 😛

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    1. I think I’d recommend it to people who are ready to appreciate it beyond the 1st degree, as in, they’re looking for a manga that doesn’t just give “sexy characters” and “epic action scenes”. If they want to approach the manga as a cultural event in manga, something that has historical/social allusions to real-life, with underlying philosophical/religious themes, then it can be a fun entry to manga.

      Otherwise, if they’re more of the kind to enjoy the modern series that are fun, exciting, clever, etc. I’d probably lean towards popular titles like My Hero Academia, One-Punch Man, etc. hahaha

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  2. Man, I wish they would release digital editions of this series – I’d definitely like to check it out (alas no space I can spare for these chunky volumes) someday as it clearly delves deeper into the themes the anime movies could only really touch upon in its running time. Awesome review sir, look forward to your thoughts on the final volume!

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