11 thoughts on “Joker by Brian Azzarello

  1. This sounds truly awesome indeed. I have always liked the Joker as a bad guy, and you giving this five stars only makes me more curious about it. The storyline itself sounds intriguing to me as well. So….ofcourse no doubt at all: adding this one to my to read list (no surprise there huh?;))

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  2. Great stuff sir! I remember being enthralled by this when I picked it up back when it came out…2008 I think it was (seem to recall that The Dark Knight has just come out). It’s a great, standalone take on the Joker and a perfect companion piece to Luthor – I definitely need to revisit both in 2020. I wish DC would adapt them into animation, even of they’re just 30 minute shorts or something!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! It did come out around that time and I actually think that it could serve as a fantastic basis for a Joker 2 movie if they ever dared do one–although I prefer it being a stand-alone movie. Animated movies for both Joker and Luthor would be pretty cool! Or even a two-parter special with both of them released together!

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