Justice League: Injustice League by Geoff Johns

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15 thoughts on “Justice League: Injustice League by Geoff Johns

  1. My question about Luthor suddenly becoming one of the good guys is: Is he just doing his usual grab for power or is he really going good so the artists can introduce a new villain to take his place? I tend to think it is the first option as I just don’t EVER see him being one of the good guys.

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  2. So you did not really buy what he tried to do he? That’s too bad because two story arcs in one book is a boon and by the way your describe them, they had lots of potential!

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  3. Ah, I wonder if there are some unwritten rules of conduct for DC, like: Luthor can never be redeemed for real, but you can play with him ad nausea, or something like that… At some point, it all just doesn’t come as a surprise any longer 😉

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      1. I do wonder about it – the ultimate redemption arc, from hatred for one he perceived ever better than him to actual comprehension of Superman’s goals and values, and sharing of them even despite personal dislikes – I for one would love to read that one! 😁

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  4. You’re right, there probably were too many ideas crammed in at once but I still feel Johns’ run is stronger and more coherent to Snyder’s overall – even though I’ve quite enjoyed the Snyder/Tynion run (especially the recent “Doom War” arc). I did like the introduction of Jessica Cruz as I think she’s a really interesting character, just like Simon Baz in Johns’ Green Lantern run – it’s not surprising that the two were teamed up for their own Green Lantern book during Rebirth!

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    1. John’s run is already more consistent than Snyder’s to this date but I like that Snyder is making it his own cosmic thing too. It gives it a completely different scope and more room for him to explore new things that ultimately expands what Snyder introduced with the dark multiverse and all. And yes, Jessica Cruz’s addition was pretty good in its own right! 😀

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