Justice League: The Darkseid War Saga by Geoff Johns

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15 thoughts on “Justice League: The Darkseid War Saga by Geoff Johns

  1. My only exposure to the New Gods (outside of the Death and Return of Superman saga) was in an Elseworld story. And I can’t even remember ANY details about it. Oh wait, it had something to do with Darkseid. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember now. Superman gets raised by Darkseid and still turns out good. That’s right, I mentioned that in one of your other posts. I’m pretty sure the New Gods were in that.

    I have to admit that quote by Geoff Johns makes me wonder if that is his view or something he just threw in. Either way, it presents a very disturbing view of what a god is. As a Christian, that is just so foreign to me. It is antithetical to everything I believe that it really makes me wonder. Is that how most people view God? I’d be really interested in your thoughts on the quote (not to argue about or anything, mind you).

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    1. Hahahah It’s pretty funny how you usually find the whole New Gods things so unmemorable but I believe you usually don’t enjoy cosmic-level events, and even less things that focus on groups of heroes after all. To understand all of it better, I’ll gladly share spoilers that might help in understanding where that quote comes from, although I doubt it will change your thoughts on it though hahah


      You have been warned.

      So basically, Darkseid has a child with an Amazonness and that child and her mother grow to hate him. Her name is Grail and she’s prophesized to cause loads of destruction. Now that she’s all grown up, her plan is to bring the Anti-Monitor to Earth and have him kill her father, which is what happens. Upon Darkseid’s death, the New Gods are released and that’s where every member of the Justice League (including Luthor) become a New God, as they each absorb one of the New God. For example, Luthor becomes the God of Apokolips, Superman becomes the God of Strength, Batman becomes the God of Knowledge and what not. The final battle after the death of Darkseid is to take down Grail and the God that she also creates, and that’s where the Justice League members all end up, one way or another, abandoning their New Gods to become what they initially were, “humans”.

      I guess the intention behind that quote was to distinguish them from these New Gods that they had become and to show them that they rather be those “frail” human beings who can do what they want without being these immortal beings (gods) who have to be immortal, who have to watch over the world, who have to let things happen because they do. Within the DC universe, I think the concept of God aren’t comparable to that found in the various religions we actually know of. Within that universe, the people are more likely to think that these “aliens”, like Superman, are the Gods that we conceptually know of. It’s probably why it’s harder to “accept” Geoff Johns’ idea in the quote, since we have to sort of relativize it to accept it.

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      1. Context is definitely king! Thanks for the explanation. It still rubs me wrong, but not AS wrong as it did initially 😀

        And you are correct, I am not a huge fan of cosmic level, mega-group storylines.

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    1. Yep. It was quite a fun ride, and one that Scott Snyder will be compared to right now after all. For now, both of their runs are pretty different takes on the Justice League but at least Geoff Johns was pretty consistent, even if some of his stories were flawed by its inherent structure.

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  2. Wow! Look at that beauty of a comic hardback!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 I’m unable to hold back the emoticon wow. I like the art and can see why your that artist’s fan. Hahaha plot holes aside sometimes major twists make up for that just through sheer shock value and wow. Sounds like a stellar omnibus edition of this part of the overall story.

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    1. It really was such a beautiful and formidable saga which weighs a tone but has plenty of amazing moments! I just love Jason Fabok’s artwork too. It works too well! You should how he does the action sequences that I don’t show in the slideshow! 😀 Thanks for reading, Dani. 😛


  3. You made it haha! Fantastic review my friend and glad you enjoyed Darkseid War. I think it was a superb finale to Johns’ run, tying things back nicely to volume 1 (again, I’d love to see an animated adaptation), and the epic concept is made even bigger by Jason Fabok – I can’t wait to see what these two deliver with Three Jokers…when it eventually gets a confirmed release date!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! Thank you for also pushing me into completing the New 52 Justice League run once and for all! 😀 It was indeed a fantastic run with lots of highs and very few lows. I’m also excited about that whole Three Jokers story. It was such a huge surprise for Batman. I hope it’ll surprise us just as much! 😀

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