22 thoughts on “Watchmen Ultimate Cut (2009) Movie Review

  1. I did watch the movie, several years after it came out. Probably more from a morbid curiosity than anything, since I’m not a big fan of Moore’s. My main two memories are of being shocked at the graphic violence and cheated at how the director cut/switched the book ending to make everything fit into the movie.

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  2. Watched it before I even realized it was based of a comic nor that it was an Alan Moore graphic. My eyes to these kinda things only opened after I met Milou who knows a shit tonne of things book related. I definately liked this movie although I was a bit shocked at that death of our “anti hero”…

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  3. I’ve yet to watch the movie, but I did just move it to the top of my queue. I wasn’t completely taken by the graphic novel, but that was read long ago, so it’s time I give the material a second chance, at least in movie form for now.

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  4. Powerful review my friend and high praise indeed! I do quite like Snyder’s Watchmen but would perhaps stop short of ‘loving’ it like I do other comic book films. I have the theatrical cut on blu-ray and the standalone release of Tales of the Black Freighter and I actually prefer watching them both in separate viewings, In all honesty I’m not sure I could make it through a singular 215 minute cut of the film as the theatrical version is just feels about right for myself personally (I love Laurence of Arabia so not prejudice to a lengthy running time).

    It’s definitely a comic book come to life and I appreciate the artistry of that (and the use of various music is pretty genius) and some great cast performances, can we please have Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Flashpoint Batman?!

    Happy New Year sir!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I do think viewing them separately is much easier to enjoy them both but I also liked the newspaper dude and his client having those sporadic discussions before seeing their end.

      Oh man, it would be way too awesome to see him play Flashpoint Batman! It was also funny to remember that he played Negan in the Walking Dead. 😛

      Happy New Year to you too, good sir! 😀

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  5. Great review! A 10/10?? I might have to watch the extended cut one day. I give the original a 7/10. Not bad, but definitely not a standard-bearer for comic book adaptations. I agree that the actors definitely believed in their characters. That was the standout aspect of the film.

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