October Faction : Horror and Monsters Hunters

The cover of October Faction is what intrigued me the most, I’ve always been drawn to these kind of artwork, until now I haven’t heard about this story nor that a Netflix series will be adapting this graphic novel soon. But after reading the graphic novel, I can say that I’m officially very excited to see the adaptation on screen. 



Now as you can tell from my pictures, it’s a very specific genre of graphic novels: it’s horror at its best but I will say that the horror elements blend beautifully in the storyline and it doesn’t seem too scary anymore.  The storyline follows a family of monster hunters who reside in a big mansion (yes typical a la Umbrella Academy and many more gothic vibes). Unlike other first volumes of graphic novels, I feel like October Faction didn’t give away too much details and still keep us in the dark about certain aspects: the father’s past and how it affected the children now, the mystery behind the main villain. 

As for the artwork, it reminds me a lot of Arkham Asylum styles, the direct lines and rough corners contribute to that gory atmosphere and suspenseful emotions in the character’s expressions. 

What do you think about this upcoming Netflix series? 🙂



Big  thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for this copy to review! 


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