22 thoughts on “DCeased by Tom Taylor

  1. I’m back from vacation! 😉
    It reminds me of a similar attempt by Marvel done a good few years back, when they zombiefied all their superheroes to see what would happen… Suffice to say, it was what everyone could expect and nothing more 😛 I must admit I generally consider this idea a waste of time, but it has its fans 🙂 This one at least has solid art 😉

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    1. Welcome back, Ola! You have definitely been missed. 😛 And yes, it’s exactly similar to the Marvel zombie event in the past. I’m not going to lie that I was surprised by some of the things that happen in this but it was fun to see it happen, especially with the artwork that helps make it more “enjoyable”. It’s not 100% new though but at least it’s not something you see ALL the time. 😀

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      1. Superman feels like a ball of rubber that is constantly being stretched to some grotesque shape or other. At some point he simply won’t go back to plain round shape of a ball. In fact, I’d say that has already happened to some extent.

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    1. I think it’s definitely one that you should keep on your wishlist for when there’s a sale. Even with the number of artists on it, it’s just fun to see what Tom Taylor does to our heroes. I won’t lie that I’m not a HUGE fan of the dude, especially when I tried Injustice Part One, which I found really weak… Thanks for reading, good sir! 😀

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