The Witcher Library Edition Volume 1 : Review

I recently wrote a post about the Tv Show on Netflix The Witcher and when Penguin Random House sent me The Witcher Library Edition, I was all over the moon. I didn’t know about the comic series and seeing how massive this is, I guess the comic series have been going on for a few years now.

Let’s start with the most obvious, the artwork. Joe Querio, Piotr Kowalski and Max Bertolini did an amazing job at illustrating one of the darkest tales of one of the most unique protagonist. It can get complex, dim and gloomy. However, the facial expressions of the characters and their conversations helped emanating the lighthearted and humour.

The graphic novel is separated into four different stories : House of Glass, Fox Children, Killing Monsters and Curse of Crows. They are different stories, different artwork. I was impressed at how everything flowed perfectly. Each of the tale encompasses a message. They chose House of Glass as a first story which was a brilliant choice because it introduces us to the character but also set the tone right away for the volume. House Glass also sends a poignant message of which Geralt always preaches : the worst monsters are humans. Fox Children follows and is as much as entertaining as House of Glass, however, Killing Monsters dragged a bit in my opinion and Curse of Crows ends the graphic novel.


This volume does a pretty job at resuming The Witcher atmosphere and introducing us to the magical world and Geralt. We see glimpses of his past here and there. Overall, I greatly enjoyed this graphic novel and would recommend it for people who adored the Tv Show and the game. If you liked the book, you might think this lacks a bit of substance however, I liked the book and I still enjoyed this. As long as you’re open to the opportunities to discover the world building of The Witcher you will be pleased 😉


The Library Edition vs Omnibus 

The Library Edition is larger in size than the omnibus, the hardcover and paper quality is also a big plus.  They also have special features, absolutely massive sketchbook sections. If you are a collector, I strongly advise to go for The Library Edition. 


Thank you to  Penguin Random House and Dark Horse Comics for this copy for review! 


3 thoughts on “The Witcher Library Edition Volume 1 : Review

  1. I haven’t seen the tv series but I’ve been wanting to read some of the books for a while now. This looks like it’d be worth checking out, too. Definately a sizable volume!


  2. I recently listened to the audio edition of The Last Wish which is a prequel of sorts for The Witcher series. I’ve looked at some versions of graphic novels of this series and haven’t been impressed, but your library edition looks intriguing.


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