My Monthly Wrap-Up | January 2020

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33 thoughts on “My Monthly Wrap-Up | January 2020

  1. Kobe’s crash was only about 30 miles away from me and I’m still in shock, not just for him but for all the members of other families that were also lost. Like you, I want to try to make every second count now😊 Hope you have a lovely month ahead.

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  2. But sometimes the reward is only satisfying when you put in the time, sweat, and blood to achieve it.

    Man, isn’t that the truth? I never enjoy a weekend as much if I’d had the previous 2 days off. But come Monday morning, no matter how long my weekend was, I feel like it was never long enough 😉 I gotta learn to be content with what I get!

    I have seen reviews for the movie The Parasite on several places. I have to admit though, nothing about it makes me want to watch it though. Especially considering little I watch movies.

    Kobe’s death didn’t affect me at all. Call me callous, but famous people dying has as much affect on me as the kids in China. I get that it affects other people (not trying to belittle anyone else who IS affected) beyond the intellectual exercise, well, it doesn’t hit me. Maybe I’m an undiagnosed stone cold killer just waiting to go on a spree? What’s your professional opinion, doc? 😉

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    1. Absolutely correct. I learned to GREATLY appreciate weekends as I grew up. It just doesn’t have the same importance as it did younger when you’re working your butt off during the week.

      Ahhh, I don’t think Parasite would actually be something you’d enjoy as much as others actually hahah But if you got nothing else to do and somehow find yourself with an opportunity to see it, I’d say to try it out just to see what you’d think of it or to expand your horizons! 😛

      Hahahahaha I sort of had a feeling you’d be unaffected too. I’m not as affected as others but since basket-ball is my favourite sport of all time and I still play it today, the NBA became a part of my life to as I grew up and Kobe was pretty much everywhere hahaha

      Well.. I can tell you that my social circle is only composed of law enforcement and potential criminals, sooooo… Since you probably aren’t the former… 😀 😀 😀

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      1. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I’m a criminal mastermind genius!!!!! Watch out world! 😀

        The sports world is something I’m tangentially aware of, just enough to be conversant in the broadest sense, but it has no lure for me. Never has either. Do you play pickup or on a league?

        Yes, in my copious spare time for movie watching I might just check this out 😉 Hahahahaa.

        Thank goodness it is the weekend now….

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        1. Hahahhahaa

          I mostly play indoor and outdoor pickup games but all my friends who play them are in a league throughout the year. I just decided not to tag along because of how limited my time is (to train/practice and play games would’ve took A LOT of my time). I had to cut on other hobbies for it (like reading, blogging or gaming) and unfortunately couldn’t hahah

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  3. So glad to see your high rating of Parasite, I really want to see it! And you are so right about getting started again after the holidays, it is super tough, but also rewarding and you enjoy the holidays so much more, when it’s a (well-deserved) break after having worked (or studied) hard.

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  4. Death always puts everything on perspective, doesn’t it. Especially unexpected, or premature.

    I’m currently having the last day of holidays, out here it’s summer and sun! 😊 That explains my reticence on the blog, I guess… 😁

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    1. It sure does. The one thing that we can’t do anything about for now. 😮

      Oh man, comparing that to my cold, snowy days sure does make me envious! 😛 I can’t say you’ve shown any form of reticence on your blog though. We hear from you at least once a week. I feel like Piotrek is the one whose the most absent of you too though hahah

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    1. Oh yeh, the Brexit stuff alongside the impeachment hell in States sure does make that day quite eventful… I wonder what the future will be like with this move.

      Yep. He fused talent and hardwork with passion and made quite an impact on the game. It’s quite sad that we won’t get to see him do even more post-retirement like many other legends do nowadays.


  5. Parasite is at the top of the list of movies I’d like to watch when I get access to it. I’ve loved other movies by the director and starring the main actor. Great stuff.

    I love your perspective on the death of Kobe Bryant. I will admit it didn’t impact me much as I don’t really follow most sports, so I only knew the name, not the personality. But any loss like that is a terrible thing. So being able to create a positive message from it and use it to guide your own life, that’s a great thing.

    Here’s to a fantastic February!

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    1. If you’ve seen his other movies then I believe you’ll highly enjoy Parasite. Trainpiercer was another favourite of mine by him too. Okja was less impressive to me although it was definitely original!

      Exactly. Sometimes we just don’t need to relate to every person’s death but when it’s people who have changed things within our society, then understanding it can relativize a lot of things for us.

      Have a fantastic month of photography and reading, Todd! 😀


  6. Always impressed with the amount of reading you manage to squeeze into your schedule Lashaan! 😂 It is always hard to get back to a normal working schedule after the holiday seasons and since I have made significant adjustments to it for the new year I feel like this month has been pretty weird. However, I did read a lot more this month, and I also kicked my ass a bit to publish some posts on my blog as well. Yay! Hope you’ll enjoy the month to come, February always feels so long so I’m not very excited 😅

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    1. Hahaaha it ain’t as much as you think! I envy those who can squeeze in fives times what I’m reading! 😛

      I can only imagine how it must be for you, especially when you have to adapt to a whole new environment and almost transform it into a home that makes you happy! I do hope that you’ll get around to doing all the things you want to achieve this month, Juliette! I’m sure you’ll know how to make the most of your free time without overdoing it. 😉

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  7. Glad to hear you’re back on track after the holidays. I feel like I totally derailed but a new month has come and I’ve started out decently. I was sad to hear about Kobe and his daughter. At least I knew who he was. 😅 14 manga on top of your books and comics is a ton! I hope all your plans for February go well.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that, Dani! Ever since what happened to your self-hosted website, I feel like it shook your blogging ways hahah I hope you’re still enjoying what you’re doing! 😀 And yes, quite sad and it’s impressive how his death caught everyone’s attention too. And yes! I’ve been re-binging Bleach nowadays and I’ve been having a lot of fun! 😀 I see you’ve been enjoying Attack on Titans too. 😉

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