Dial H for Hero: Enter the Heroverse by Sam Humphries

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20 thoughts on “Dial H for Hero: Enter the Heroverse by Sam Humphries

  1. So..why the three stars? Because from your review I would have expected a four or more…And I love that concept! A little bit like “Vis ma vie” and that’s when you realize that being a super hero is no picnic LOL

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  2. Top review my friend, I haven’t checked out any of these DC Wonder Comics titles – sounds like an interesting story (and I have a vague familiarity of the previous iteration of Dial H, as a big Hitchcock fan I chuckled at your mention of the play on words) but a shame it’s let down by an irritating main character which certainly lets things down – hopefully this won’t be the case with Bendis’s Legion of Superheroes!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! Greatly appreciate that a lot. So far, the Wonder Comics line-up have been interesting if not spectacular. I still got Wonder Twins and Naomi to try but I’m keeping my expectations low.

      I definitely look forward to Legion of Superheroes and just about anything by Bendis, honestly. Even if it’s not always a hit with me. He has great ideas that I want to see explored at least.

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