26 thoughts on “The Shadow Saint by Gareth Hanrahan

  1. Man, switching to a whole new cast of characters would be tough for me to accept. I guess if the story needs it, it “could” work but for a multi-volume series, the characters are what tie it all together in my opinion. I’m trying to think where that isn’t the case for a series…

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    1. I think this series was initially supposed to be a duology and was extended to a trilogy now but even knowing that, I still find it saddening to have to deal with a new cast, especially when I expected to meet the original trio back here… I think I would’ve been ready to knock another star down if it wasn’t for my curiosity regarding the universe that’s beeing built in this series.

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  2. This is a series I’m very interested in trying. And though changing cast is not the norm I think I can accept that. I have a copy of The Gutter Prayer, I just need to fit it into my reading schedule. I find I also love the covers of these two books, with their limited range of colors and beautiful transitions between light and shadow. I hope the books fit the mood created by the covers. Thanks much for another great review.

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    1. I adored The Gutter Prayer and, funnily, I mention the cover art in that review too hahaha The artist behind it has done other covers for fantasy books and they’re ALWAYS amazing. I do hope you enjoy this series when you get the chance to read it, Todd! 😀


  3. I went back to check your previous review but yes, it’s what I though I recalled, you gave it five stars! Now I must confess that I HATE when they change characters in a series. It takes time to get used to it and well if you loved the old ones I have kind of a loyalty problem LOL

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  4. It takes a lot of courage for an author to switch from well-crafted characters, who also were well-loved by the readers, to new ones – in lesser hands this might end in failure, but your words tell another story, indeed, one where the writer took a different path and succeeded to bring it to life with just the same kind of success as in the first book. I admire this kind of courage, and I will certainly keep that in mind once I read the book.
    Thank you so much for a very thoughtful review! 👍

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