Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil by Jeff Lemire

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13 thoughts on “Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil by Jeff Lemire

  1. I like the idea of following the story from a villains perspective. Getting an insight into their thinking is twisted but fascinating. I definitely agree that the overegsagerated expressions in the artwork can lead to a certain detachment in the experience.

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  2. Great, in-depth review. There’s always the odd graphic novel where the art work just seems to be somewhat off-putting/hard to enjoy. For me it was Arkham Asylum /

    A shame this one didn’t grab a higher rating. Look forward to more of your graphic novel reviews in the future.

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      1. It is one that is beloved by many. I just really struggled with it.

        Always a pleasure to view your posts. They always make me want to read graphic novels. I’m going to get my old ones from my parents’ house, I think, and see how some of them hold up to a re-read.


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