City of Others by Steve Niles

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9 thoughts on “City of Others by Steve Niles

  1. There are times when you review a graphic novel and start talking about the artwork that I feel jealous that you can appreciate the artwork. There are so few times in my life that artwork has moved me. 99% of the time that lack doesn’t bother me, but that 1%, man, it usually stings.

    and for some reason, it hit me with this review. You can look at the graphic novels you read not just as novels but as pieces of art. I hope you never lose that ability.

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    1. I really appreciate the kind words, sir. Ever since I started reading graphic novels (coincides with the birth of this blog), I grew to appreciate the artwork for what it offers beyond what the words could and I’m glad to hear that it can sometimes be understood through my reviews. 😀

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  2. I agree with you that the art is precise and yes it must have been the main attraction. The trop though is interesting and a little bit frightening too Lashaan!

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  3. That does look like some fantastic artwork. Great art can add so much to comics and graphic novels, and sometimes it can help overcome, or lessen, narrative flaws or weaknesses, at least for me. The only work I’ve read by Steve Niles was 30 Days of Night, and that long enough ago I only remember the general story, which I did enjoy. But I believe Bernie Wrigthson is new to me, so it’s sad to hear about his passing.

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    1. Well-said, Todd. I feel the same about artwork. Shows how important they are in the end to the overall experience!

      I’m so glad to hear about someone who read 30 Days of Night! Not many even know about it, yet it’s a story that sort of gave the horror genre in comics a rebirth.

      You could look into the work by Bernie Wrightson and see his many talents. I find it impressive enough that he co-created an iconic character like The Swamp Thing (I’ll probably be reviewing a story featuring the character in the near future, if you haven’t heard of him).

      Thanks for reading, Todd! I appreciate it a lot. 😀


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