Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

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19 thoughts on “Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

  1. Several years ago a young boy at our old church told us about these. We told him we’d buy them for him if he kept coming to church (he was from a broken/blended family and it was a messy situation no matter how you looked at it). We were doing whatever we could to encourage him to read, as his biological father was giving him those really violent, almost pornographic videogames (he was 10 or 11). Sadly, he drifted away and I have no idea where he’s at now.

    But Mrs B and I both read a couple to make sure it was appropriate to buy and enjoyed them. Not enough to buy them for ourselves though 😉

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    1. Oh man, what a story. Who would’ve thought that this series would draw the attention of kids to that point. It’s nice deal you offered him though, despite him disappearing, leaving you with no clue what happened to him. Maybe life will allow you find out someday.

      I’ll still give some of the next volumes a try to see if there’s something that really hooks me but for now it doesn’t stand out from the lot as much as I wish it did.

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  2. Very interesting review, as always, Lashaan! I find that in books that are targeted to a young-but-not-so-young audience (young adults or “old” teenagers) it is quite hard to have a good balance between the two “ages”. It can often feel too familiar or too serious, and having a perfect combination must be quite hard! Don’t know if this was very clear hahah, thanks for sharing your insight 😊

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  3. That about sums up what I expected to think about Amulet. As an adult reader I do get tired of the introduction feel many stories exude. Throw us right in. We’ll build the world in our heads as we go. I’m honestly not a fan of the art. I like the look of manga too much to enjoy this but I’m sure kids love it especially because of the color, and I loved your thoughts about why these colors. Will you continue the series?

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    1. Yep. It feels like it would’ve needed a couple of more chapters to make it really stand out but… it still remains an excellent entry point for many young readers, I think. Ohhh, that’s interesting! I didn’t expect anyone to dislike the artwork hahaha but I can understand what you mean. This one aims to do something in-between cartoons and manga instead of assuming one or the other. I’ll try and continue the series but I still need to get my hands on volume 2 hahah 😀

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