What is the fastest book you ever read?

Hey guys, so I was discussing this topic with my friends and something really interesting came up. We noticed that some books were faster to read than others but that also depends on the type of people, your interests too. Here are a few factors that when, aligned, they would make the perfect book to read really fast :

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Aliss par SenécalOne of the fastest books I’ve read was Aliss by Patrick Senecal, which I detailed a review in this post. I think what hooks me up directly with this book is how familiar the vocabulary is but the subtleties of the message are so good. It covers so many concepts from sins, lust to the parallell of Alice in Wonderland and De Sade works. I mean it is one of the most  fucked up I’ve ever read.

Time read: 2 hours straight.


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 Shadow and Bone, is one of the YA fantasy series that I’ve read so fast and I didn’t even see time passing by. The worldbuilding plays a big role and the magic system. You get to see the whole movie in front of you by just reading black words on a page.

Time read: finished the series in a day.




16 thoughts on “What is the fastest book you ever read?

  1. It’s so true that we tend to read so much faster if we’re grasped from the very beginning!
    Sadly, the only thing I can read in a day now is the poetry books… otherwise, ithink my fastest is 7days – which i think the « winner » was Supermarket by Bobby Hall (aka rapper Logic)

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      1. yes you should!! supermarket BLEW.My.Mind. it was my ex’s though .. so i’m kinda tempted to buy it to myself but then, erhm :/

        I actually haven’t read that many poetry book XD I think two? last one I’ve read was a few months ago, Where I ache by Megan O’keefe

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        1. LOOL I would totally buy a copy for myself HAH honestly I still have a few book at my ex and if I really like it, I would just re-buys it hahah

          I heard good things about Megan O’Keefe, did you like it? :O

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          1. I’m probably gonna do at some point, ahah i’m just not there in my healing yet 🙈 I’m praising myself to still be able to listen to logic so..

            Yeah, i liked it! She came to me as a review request actually, ahah 😅 ithink I must’ved rated it four stars if I remember correctly


  2. I read the entire last HP book in one night and the whole of The Pillars of the Earth (which is like 1000 pages) in a week. Both just felt so easy to read. That said, I’ve had novellas last me a month if they’re slow.

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    1. I could totally see Harry Potter in a night, I would do that XD but wow the whole Pillars of The Earth that fast !! :O I need to get on that series as well. Been postponing it a bit too much

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  3. Can’t remember the fastest one overall, but most recently it was My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braitwaite, which I read in one night, and there’s Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, which I read in a day. If the story gets me seriously hooked, then I’ll speed through it.


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