13 thoughts on “How to Choose The Right Social Media Platform

  1. Very useful post ! I still think that you do a great job at having multiple platforms. I follow you on your food blog and fashion and book blog and you manage to create the content and be interesting no matter what 🙂 Is there one that you WILL prioritize over the others ?


  2. I find that Twitter is the most useful, as people are directed to my blog that way 🙂
    I only used Facebook for a few months before getting rid of it, too much rubbish on there and people not having any self-control over what they post. I’ve been on Instagram for a year and I like it but because I can’t put links in my posts, no one reaches my blog that way.


  3. I love how Twitter allows me to chat with authors and people from the book industry. I spend so much time on there xD I love Instagram but I suck at pictures, and I now have a terrible phone, so I’m hoping one day I’ll be stricken by the photography fairies haha! I really hate Facebook, though!


  4. I don’t spend nearly as much time on social media as I used to, and that’s a good thing (I used to spend way too much time on Facebook). Facebook Messenger can also be a useful way to try to organize get togethers with friends … as long as they also have Facebook. Apart from that, I’ll spend 2 minutes on Facebook here and there, and then I’ll move on with my day. I find that twitter can be useful in quickly glancing through to see some of the general news highlights and sharing blog posts, but that’s all I really use it for. And my blog posts are automatically shared on Twitter, so I don’t even need to log in.

    WordPress is a fantastic blogging site and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting a blog. Blogspot isn’t bad either, but WordPress has more functionality, its user interface is cleaner, and it’s far more popular.

    I don’t really use any other forms of social media, and I’ve got no current plans to change that.


  5. We are finding twitter to be the best platform for us to engage with a new audience! After the initial buzz FaceBook seemed to die down.


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