20 thoughts on “DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke

  1. I honestly don’t know if this is something I would enjoy, but you’ve written a great review that really has me curious to try it. I don’t know a lot about most of these characters. Do you think that would matter with this book?

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  2. Excellent review Lashaan and glad to hear you enjoyed New Frontier. I actually have the digital version lined-up to read but I’m familiar with the story via the animated movie (have you seen that?) which I really like and I have a certain appreciation for the 50s/60s period setting which I find to be a fascinating point in history with events such as the cold war/space race.

    Whilst I’m a bit of a purist and will always favour the in-canon DCU, I still enjoy these what if/Elseworld tales every now and then and the self-contained and unhindered nature of the stories do have their appeal, especially when they’re good. I quite like the art as well as well, I’d likely loathe it if used for an in-canon arc but it’s a great fit for New Frontier as a standalone piece.

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    1. Thanks, Chris! Ahhh, you definitely need to open up that digital copy of yours and read it! I think you’ll be fond of it by the end of the story. And yes, I have seen the movie! It’s nice to know that some classics have been adapted by their animation studio, although there’s a bunch that they still need to do!

      I do agree with you there. I live the canonical material but those occasionally super original Elseworlds stories are really impressive and refreshing. I wonder if anyone could pull off a Cooke-like story today.

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        1. I did! I enjoyed it too. And without any surprise, I loved the Batman vs. Superman sequence in it. I did however find that Wonder Woman was a bit forced into the narrative, especially when it wasn’t like that in the comics. Sometimes I do wish that they could stick a bit closer to the source material, even if it doesn’t always make a full 90 minute movie…

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