The Witcher Omnibus (Vol. 1) by Paul Tobin

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23 thoughts on “The Witcher Omnibus (Vol. 1) by Paul Tobin

  1. LOL, I just finished reading it a few days ago! 😉 My rating is similar to yours, though a bit lower (as you could have probably expected ;)) I’ll be putting the review on the blog in a week or so, so we can compare notes then! In short, though, I was underwhelmed, especially by the Curse of Crows which, while admittedly pleasant to the eye, was awfully derivative and very heavily and unoriginal, fully dependent on one of Sapkowski’s better known short stories.

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    1. What are the odds hahaha I actually finished this a month ago and just got around to publishing it. And honestly, I’d give a lower rating if I could but I just felt like it was a passable omnibus that newcomers can still enjoy, especially IF they didn’t read the books. My rating probably would be closer to a 2.6342 though. 😀


  2. After Ola and Pio’s review of the netflix tv series, and not being a gamer and not much a comic reader (any more), I don’t foresee myself getting into this franchise, except by accident some how 🙂

    Have you played the games at all?

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    1. What’s making you hesitant about checking out the books? The premise, the story, the characters or the world doesn’t appeal much to you?

      I have only played the 3rd one (the one in the trailer) and found that it must’ve been what sparked a desire to do a TV series with how much success it garnered hahah

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      1. My hesitancy comes from having so many books I already want to read that adding another series that spawned video games and a tv series is not high. I do admit, I’m a bit biased against video games so that probably plays a bigger part than anything…

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  3. I’ve been really curious about The Witcher stories since I first heard of them, though I’ve yet to watch, read, or play any of them. I hear good things about the Netflix series, but I’m thinking I’ll likely start with the books first. Have you read any of them?

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    1. I haven’t read them yet and am sort of keeping them for last actually hahah I’ve watched the show and wouldn’t say that it’s the best thing out there; it has its flaws. But I think anyone who is thinking of seriously getting into this world should probably go for the books first.


  4. Great review Lashaan! I had no idea there were so many things based on The Witcher, maybe this means I have to read it or watch it or at least learn a bit more about it 😂 What would you recommend to start with? 😀

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