51 thoughts on “How Can We Get Others to Read?

  1. OMG! A controversial post from Lashaan! I can barely breathe!

    Burning libraries. LOL
    Censorship? Hmmm… you might be onto something with this one.
    Price tags? While I do a book every now and again (mostly when I travel), I started going to the library more often. I feel bad for authors though 😦 How are they (we) supposed to live?
    Torture? Whatever it is, count me in!
    Propaganda. ROFL

    How do you feel about audiobooks?

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    1. Nothing controversial here! All perfectly sane ideas. 😉

      Authors will just have to cut their sleep time to write books and work during the day, or vice-versa. It is their ultimate sacrifice for the joy of readers. 🙂

      I won’t hate on audiobooks but I’ll always prefer the written word. There’s much more to learn out of writing than listening.

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  2. *stands and applauds for 10 minutes straight*

    Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!!!! I fully support every single one of these ideas. And what’s more, I am more than willing to use other peoples’ money and other people themselves, to get this done. Nothing says you mean business by getting your hands dirty by making somebody else do the work for you. I am THAT serious. Heck, if I have to tie 10 people to a chair and beat them with rubber chicken so that one of them will go out and tie some slob to a chair and beat him with rubber chicken until he reads a book, I will do it. I will make that sacrifice for this Great Cause.

    Oh man, I just about died laughing at this 😀

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    1. Hahahahaha something told me that you’d appreciate these ideas even more than I do. 😀 I’m all in to smacking some sense into people and getting them to understand the importance of reading once and for all. Rubber chicken’ing them sounds like a brilliant strategy to me too. 😀

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  3. Haha I love how brash your ideas are. Though I cant get behind burning any libraries (they are sanctuaries for me), i like that you are identifying a real problem and giving us some creative solutions. Go you!

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  4. This is absolutely brilliant. My friend, you have outdone yourself here haha. Now, I can’t get behind burning libraries cause id be out of a job – unless we burn the others first and have mine be the last one standing? However, people seem to like the idea of rebellion so why not make people rage to get result? 😂

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  5. How come it’s all about poor de Niro now? Commodus would fit right in, I say 😛
    … and maybe you could torture people reading to them Wuthering Heights??? Or, I don’t know, 50 Shades of Grey?? “I’m going to read this aloud to you until you pick up Shakespeare!”

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  6. No more price tags seems like a good one to me.. I wish there were library here so that I can read more novels in my city but there aren’t any.. we could atleast sentence people to read by using law but how would we know they are actually reading it. It’s only possible in schools or colleges to force them to read but there are some who won’t even pick books to read there too.. I also love reading and when someone read the book I recommended to them and like it. It’s a great feeling.

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    1. Glad you endorse the idea of not having price tags on books too! It would indeed be such a fascinating world.

      More libraries is always a good thing. We just need to make people move their butts to get there next.

      I wish we could control their “love” for books too cause, like you said, forcing them to read doesn’t mean that they’re actually reading either. Life is just not easy huh. 😀

      Thank you for reading! 🙂



    Jokes aside, as far as book reading is concerned, I keep thinking of the old saying “you can bring the horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink”.
    If people are not interested in books (I know, from our point of view it’s stranger than the idea of little green men…) there is no way to change their minds – I even remember with Lovecraftian horror something I overheard once on the subway, a teenager telling a friend, with great pride, that he never picked up a book. Maybe he was hoping for a slot on the Guinnes of records… 🙄😫

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    1. Hahahah thanks, Maddalena! 😛 And yes!! I know about that saying but I still think there’s a way to convert those horses/donkeys. To be shared in some kind of future post. 😀 Oh man, I’ve always cringed at those people. I try and hide my reaction when I hear them speak about it as if it’s some kind of prize they’ve won!

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  8. Had to double check it wasn’t one of Drew’s posts when I read torture 😂

    In non-torture related coaxing; I’ve managed to get two of my friends into reading over the past year. Well, more audio book listening than reading, but they are still consuming stories. Before, they would perhaps read so little they’d not finish a book all year. Now they are constantly asking for my suggestions and one keeps harassing me over the fact that Scott Lynch hasn’t released the 4th book in his series yet … as if that’s my fault 😂 so that’s a small success. I’m working on bringing more of my friends into reading.

    Also got my sister into kindle books 🙂

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    1. Hahahaha I must be growing into him over the years or something! 😛

      Oh man, I love that you converted friends into reading, especially by adapting their preferences with the medium! And to even go as far as to make one love Scott Lynch’s series!!!! Excellent job, Aaron. 😀

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  9. I absolutely LOVE this post! I think that if we convinced everyone that reading can cure COVID19 as well as make all books free there won’t be a soul in the world who won’t suddenly start reading. This was really a brilliant post, Lashaan!

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  10. Hahahahaha great ideas Lashaan 😂😂 I’m also pretty sure most of them would work perfectly, which says a lot about our society 😂🙄 Another very effective measure could be to just cancel the Internet, everyone will be so bored that they will start reading again, exercising, cooking etc 😄

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  11. Bwahahahahahahaha you are evil Lashaan! Yet a genius because this is pure reverse psychology and manipulation at its finest and I am convinced that it would indeed work like a breeze!

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  12. How much do I love to read? Let me count the ways . . . starting with this post . . . I can’t imagine not being able to read. I agree people should look into reading. Perhaps this stay-at-home situations might start some to pick up a book. This is what it takes! I agree about how poorly handled this whole pandemic has been handled by so many countries. Sorry to get politico here but I blame the Communist Chinese Party for covering it up when it first started and didn’t alert their people soon enough. Stay safe and sane!

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    1. Hahahaah thanks for reading, Karina! I do hope some people will find it in them to give books a chance to impress them.

      No worries. 😉 I can’t blame you for ever going nuts about how this pandemic has evolved to this day. It definitely allowed us to show the worse of a lot of countries and their leaders, that’s for sure!

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