28 thoughts on “The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks

  1. If Sanderson hadn’t dominated the fantasy scene with the metallurgy of his Mistborn books, I suspect that this luxin magic would simply be blowing everyone’s mind. Weeks has put a lot of thought into this magic system and along with you, I absolutely loved it.

    I am so glad you’ve liked these books. I was very uncertain how they would go down with you and while they’re not MY babies, I do admit of a certain personal fondness for them that goes beyond “I liked these books”. Which I think means I can say that you have a wicked treat in store for when you read the final book. It was good and built on these exactly as a good author should have.

    My only issue was with the sexual problem. But that goes along with just how viscerally Weeks writes about the body and I simply don’t like that kind of thing. No real problems just a preference to not read about blood, sexual and gross biological things…

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    1. Tell me about it. I’ll probably introduce myself to that metallurgy magic system later in the year but man, any fantasy reader will probably find Week’s magic system so beautiful without any second thoughts!

      I’m glad to be able to share this love for Week’s Lightbringer series with ya. It deserves so much love and I can absolutely imagine an incredible cinematic universe created based on this but I hope, if they ever do it, that they don’t mess it up.

      Hahahah I understand. Something tells me he won’t go as much in detail as he did here in the final book. This one really felt like he just wanted to include a heavier romance angle to his series and prove the world that he could do it… 😛

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  2. Insightful review, as always, Lashaan! 😀

    I’ve only read the first installment and enjoyed it very much indeed. My only problem with it was the length- I had a bit of a luxin sickness by the end, or a reading fatigue 😜 and it seems that all installments are similarly long. I’ll be getting around to read the second book over the next few months, but not before I finally write a review of the first! 😀

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  3. What’s with you and this constant onslaught of highly rated Lightbringer books?!?! It’s as if you’re mocking me for not having started the series yet. Have you no shame? 🙂 On a serious note, though, I love seeing how much you’ve enjoyed this series. I keep pushing it higher up my list of books to read and hope to start the series in the next month or two. And I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks much for another great review, Lashaan!

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    1. Hahahaahah a subliminal message for a certain man named Todd to pick up The Black Prism? 😉 Maybe I’ll even get around to reading the final book and REALLY put you to shame in your progression within one of the greatest fantasy series I’ve ever read. 😀 Thanks for the kind words, sir. I appreciate it a lot!

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  4. I must confess that I’ve not read a Brent Weeks book, but I am intrigued, especially by the magic system he’s developed over the course of the series. I love that the book delves into the psyche of his characters and give us an intimate insight into their lives, it makes me all the more curious to learn more. I’ll have add this series to be tbr. 😀

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  5. Well Lashaan I think it’s the first time ever that I have read a review about a fantasy book talking about vaginism! And when you mentio humor and sexuality, that’s so not what I expected based on the cover. Yes yes I know: never judge ….

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    1. Hahahaah well, Sophie, the entire book isn’t about it, and since you’ve seen my reviews of the previous books, you know it’s much more than that! 😉 I felt like the author wanted to show his skills in writing more “sexual” content within a fantasy world and he achieved it, somewhat. 😛

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