Batman: Detective Comics: Arkham Knight by Peter J. Tomasi

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20 thoughts on “Batman: Detective Comics: Arkham Knight by Peter J. Tomasi

  1. I have sat here for a few moments after reading your review trying to wrap my head around how The Joker could adopt a motherhood mentality. I can’t fathom it. I think I’d have knocked a good few stars off the rating just for that. It sounds like Tomasi had no clue how to treat the characters or the storyline.

    If a comic book can’t get its pacing right then its doomed to fail in my opinion :/

    Always a painful one to see my favourite comic book hero have such a poor outing.

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    1. It’s super weird. And it’s not just the Joker. Many other characters suddenly became… “caring” for a child… It’s as if they all forgot who they were and decided to unite for a cause or something. It made no sense…

      While it’s not rare, it’s definitely sad when a whole arc is a mess. 😦

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  2. This isn’t something I’d have been interested in anyway, but it’s unfortunate how disappointing it was for you. It’s never fun putting in the time to read something, especially when it appears to have some great art, just to discover a serious lack of story. I’m hopeful the next arc will make for better reading.

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  3. Er, yep pretty much in total agreement with you there Lashaan – this was a big let down after the rather exciting tease in Detective Comics #1000. I was actually looking forward to the Arkham Knight being incorporated into the DCU but it just missed the mark. I’ve not been a huge fan of Tomasi’s run on Detective for the most part, although there’s a a Mr. Freeze arc that was very good and I like the current Two-Face story…but there’s too much mediocre in between!

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    1. I also thought it would be cool to see how they’d incorporate the Arkham Knight into the Detective Comics run but man… What a shame. So much nonsense… I fear Peter J. Tomasi might not be the man for this run. I feel like thinks are just inconsequential with this series in fact…

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