Batman: Last Knight on Earth by Scott Snyder

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19 thoughts on “Batman: Last Knight on Earth by Scott Snyder

  1. Huh. Do I detect a bit of disappointment? Well, one-upmanship against oneself never ends well, and Snyder should be well aware by now of the meaning of hubris 😀 Grant Morrison would certainly agree! 😉 Sorry it’s a letdown, a definitely more bitter than sweet goodbye, but you know what people say – never say never 😉
    Great review as always, Lashaan!

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    1. Yep. A lot of Scott Snyder’s more recent stuff have become more and more unhinged, making it harder and harder to appreciate too. This one felt like it was forcing too much “what ifs” onto us without really taking the time to let them be accepted by the reader. Hopefully their future non-Batman collaborations will be far more impressive than this one! Thanks for reading, Ola! 😀

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  2. Well, as you know, I’m not the greatest fan of the Snyder/Capullo team (can’t believe they’re being allowed to do a sequel to Metal…sorry) but the ideas here do intrigue me enough to want to give this one a go but will definitely wait for a digital sale when it goes cheap.

    Great review Lashaan, it’s a shame Last Knight was a bit of a disappointment for you – hopefully the Metal sequel will restore your faith in what is clearly one of your favourite DC creative (dynamic?) duos!

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    1. Yep, I remember your position as a fan of their work and I’m actually with you when it comes to the idea of Metal 2 (Death Metal)… I don’t think it was necessary to go there again. Hopefully it will play out better than Last Knight on Earth, which kept the Metal-vibe going, and have more substance to back up all the subplots…

      While I am a bit sad that they won’t be doing anymore Batman, I do hope their future superhero projects and independent titles will be worth picking up! Thanks for reading, Chris!

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  3. Great review, Lashaan. Even with a franchise I’m not that drawn to you had me captivated with the review, which actually made me curious about the story and art. Nicely done, especially considering this was something that obviously didn’t hit it out of the park for you.

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  4. So do explain to me why you only gave three stars then? Because your review highlights so many strong elements so I am confused. Lo’

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