Global Frequency by Warren Ellis

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16 thoughts on “Global Frequency by Warren Ellis

  1. I was mostly ok with the different artists, and the idea of a bunch of short stories, but some of the stories just weren’t very strong. I found this one a very mixed bag, so I rated it the same as you did. I likely would not have continued reading if they’d continued publishing. Perhaps they could have done a better job adapting it for tv, though it sounds like that didn’t go over well, either.

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    1. I agree with you, sir. I like the idea in itself but what we got didn’t do it for me. It’s not bad but it could’ve been much better. Some of the stories were really half-baked for me and it could’ve worked had they given each story more than just one issue…


  2. This book was recommended to me by the staff of my fav comic book store, but I never ended up reading it. They have never steered me wrong, but your review makes me cautious of ever picking it up now.

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  3. Ha well, I get why you would have no room for character’s development indeed! The idea is good but it would probably have been more interesting in a true book with more room to have some character development!

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  4. Eh, meh. Sounds like too much thinking and not enough actual doing – especially in the areas of character development, plot, or a clear, consistent artistic vision 😉 I think Ellis wanted to conduct an experiment, but it backfired. Maybe if he actually continued some of the stories it would have been more compelling. This sounds like a sketchbook, and not a finished work.

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    1. Yep. It felt like an experiment all right. Each story could’ve benefited from more pages or at least more than one issue to make them much more appealing… For someone picking them up randomly at its monthly release back then, it was probably a fun run. Collected? You just can’t help but see the flaws in the graphic novel and the reasons why it never got past its initial promised 12 issues…

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  5. Insightful review Lashaan – I’ve had my eye on this title for some time but never got around to checking it out. I’m definitely a fan of Warren Ellis (he wrote one of the best modern Iron Man stories and did some excellent James Bond comics for Dynamite) but I had no idea this was only twelve standalone issues. The mix of different artists is definitely off-putting (but at least they’re standalone chapters) and although the concept certainly sounds interesting I can see how it ultimately wouldn’t come together successfully due to the episodic nature of the storytelling.

    Funny you should mention the pilot (starring the awesome Michelle Forbes) for the aborted series, I was going to ask if you’d known about that!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! Yep, it had a great pitch but the execution wasn’t right for me. It would’ve been interesting if they had given it another round of 12 issues to see if it could go anywhere but, unfortunately, it never really flies off.

      I do have Transmetropolitan queued up to be read at some point but haven’t looked further into his work. It’s definitely REALLY promising to know that you can vouch for the guy’s stuff. I’ll keep an eye out for those Iron Man/James Bond stuff for sure now. Thanks for reading as always, Chris! 😀

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