Superman: Up in the Sky by Tom King

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17 thoughts on “Superman: Up in the Sky by Tom King

  1. Great post Lashaan! Good to see a positive Supe’s story.

    The whole ethics of “one versus the many” is always something that can hashed over again and again, as there isn’t one universal catch-all. It’s good to see it (the ethical situation) being talked about though, as it really does need to be discussed and people should think about it and decide where they stand, even if people end up on opposite sides of the decision. If one hasn’t thought about an ethical situation ahead of time, they’ll be blindsided when it does hit them.

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    1. Thanks, good sir. Definitely heartwarming to see these stories here and then.

      Exactly. Lots to learn from that dilemma. People need to dig deep into their conscious and understand what exactly they value most themselves. While we might not be put into situations that would force us to make those kinds of decisions, it is the kind of reasoning that can help us a lot in understanding the world and ourselves.

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  2. Though not all that interested in the character I do like the sound of the story. I often ejoy the “smaller,” more personal and intimate stories that don’t have to have universe shattering results. I love the idea of a struggle to save a little girl, maybe at the expense of saving others. Sounds like this could be a very good one. Thanks much for the great review, Lashaan.

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    1. Same here. I love the more personal and self-contained stories, even if it gets quite psychedelic. It just allows the writer to give the character even more depth and remind us that heroes aren’t always untouchable. Thanks for reading as always, Todd! Always appreciate your thoughts on my reviews and the books I read!


  3. Great review Lashaan, I must say this sounds like a good read and one I’ll of course be checking out. It’ll have to go some way to match up to Bendis’ Superman run (of which I seem to be the only advocate – not sure why there isn’t more love for it) for me, but I am a fan of Tom King more than I’m not (his short story in Action Comics #1000 was a highlight of that special anthology) and hopefully it will at least serve as a palate cleanser for those not so fond of his Batman work.

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    1. It’s pretty decent if anything but I too feel like your love for Bendis’ Superman run right now might kill any real chance for Tom King’s Superman: Up in the Sky to have a nice impression on you hahaah But still, I think you should give it a try someday when you get the chance, especially when you’re craving for the Superman and Tom King combo.

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  4. Wow, I had no idea Superman wasn’t human 😂 The story sounds really good, it makes me think of the moral dilemma about killing 1 or 3 persons, I don’t know if you see what I mean 😂 I love the artwork too! Great review! 😊

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    1. Shhh, it’s his secret! You can’t be saying that out loud to everyone! 😮 And yes, the Trolley Problem often associated with Kant! It’s essentially that, but this time around, adapted to Superman’s life. Or any superhero really. 😮 Thanks for reading, Caroline!

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  5. Love Kubert’s work, and this time even King’s name on the cover might not put me off entirely… 😂
    Great review, Lashaan, I really enjoyed your take on this dilemma.

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    1. Hahahaahha I wonder if this bizarre tale could seduce you a little bit and give Tom King some credit whatsoever. I’ll refrain from optimistically recommending it to you for now. If you do give it a try, do let me know any negative, if no positive, thoughts you have on it!!! 😀

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      1. LOL, I’m indeed quite steadfast in my likes and dislikes – though I’m willing to give King some benefit of the doubt still, as a proper optimist 😀 If I ever get this comic in my hands, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts with you 😉

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  6. OMG Lashaan I LOVE when you come with the big guns and ask about one life’s worth over many lives! Because that’s what books make us do (when they are well written): ask the philosophical questions. How to choose really? Wonderful review!

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