Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

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35 thoughts on “Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by AI, I really ought to get started with this series. It will be interesting (and slightly scary) to see how AI continues to form our society going forward!

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      1. Exactly! I read about how difficult it would be to communicate to machines (even intelligent ones) what we mean by concepts like “good”, “ethical”, etc. Try to formulate that in a strictly logical way without loopholes?

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      1. Yeah, it’s been a long time coming, and I just know Wells has a lot of craziness in store for us!

        Once I finish the book I’m currently reading I’m reading the fourth book. At least that way I’m keeping up with the series even if barely so.

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  2. I just finished Rogue Protocol a couple of weeks ago and had no idea how to review it, especially because of its short length. This was a solid summary. I normally don’t like sidekick robots like Miki, but it brought an interesting dynamic between it and Murderbot.

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    1. I struggled as well to try to say as much as possible without spoiling anything too hahaha It’s never quite evident with these novellas. I was skeptical about that relationship at first, thinking that it couldn’t be better than ART and then was surprised how quickly I got attached to Miki by the end of the story! 😮


  3. I just can’t get enough of this series. Murderbot is one of the best characters I’ve read in quite some time. I continue to be impressed with how much Martha Wells can do within the confines of the shorter novella length, though I look forward to her first full length Murderbot novel (after I read Exit Strategy). And given how much I’ve enjoyed these I really want to try some of her other works. If they’re as good as Murderbot then there’s still loads of amazing reading to be done.

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    1. Same here. I think Murderbot’s snarky personality and continuous cynism are that makes me love that bot so much too. I’m actually glad that Martha Wells went ahead with a full-fledged novel. I always thought that it would be the perfect medium for her to showcase her writing skills and to give that AI all the room it needs to dazzle us even more! I never thought of looking into her other books… I should definitely see if they sound as intriguing as Murderbot now! 😮


  4. Murderbot is an amazing character indeed, and it’s so easy to get attached to it: the more MB tries to disconnect itself from humanity and the “corruption” of feelings they engender, the more we like it and are able to see behind all the dissembling with which it tries to hide some truths from itself. Having loved the first four novellas, I can hardly wait for the upcoming full-length novel 🙂
    Great review, thank for sharing!

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    1. Beautifully said, Maddalena! It’s awesome to see this world evolve through the eyes of an AI who just doesn’t want to care. It’s learning when it doesn’t want too, making life seem so precious. I look forward to reading Exit Strategy and then getting my hands on the novel when it comes out. So many goodies await! 😀 Thanks for reading, Maddalena!

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  5. Well Lashaan I’ve just read the review for the first book in the series written by a fellow blogger. She bought and read it because of us so… I see this series gathers lots of fans!

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  6. I cringe to admit that Martha Wells writing is one reason I rarely reach for adult books…. she puts me to sleep even when I love her topic! Fortunately the length of these don’t allow for that sleepy sort of detail so I totally fell for Murderbot. I’m even caught up with the series except for the latest book (this one?) I love his relationships with other robots too. And how he’s drawn into humans’ problems.

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