Superman: Action Comics: Leviathan Rising by Brian Michael Bendis

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20 thoughts on “Superman: Action Comics: Leviathan Rising by Brian Michael Bendis

  1. It’s great to hear how much you enjoyed this one, especially given some of the recent underwhelming comics you reviewed. I really like the cover artwork. Everything rests on Superman’s shoulders.

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  2. Awesome review my friend and very glad to hear your positive thoughts on this volume of Action. Needless to say I loved it and sets up Event Leviathan nicely (presumably you’ll be checking that out soon?). Steve Epting’s art is a huge plus and he really brings out the feeling of suspense and mystery that Bendis infuses his script with.

    It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts on the divisive (isn’t everything these days?) “The Truth” arc from Superman when that comes out (volume 3 – end of May I think)!

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    1. Yep. His Action Comics series hasn’t disappointed me yet, so I look forward to seeing how he executes his overarching plot with Superman. I’m dedicating the month to his Superman stuff, so you can definitely expect a couple more reviews for the remainder of the volumes that I haven’t reviewed yet. Thanks for reading, Chris! Hope you’re staying safe!

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