Superman: The Unity Saga: The House of El by Brian Michael Bendis

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22 thoughts on “Superman: The Unity Saga: The House of El by Brian Michael Bendis

    1. Hahaah it is indeed a twisted story line that began since the beginning of the DC Rebirth era.

      ***SPOILER ALERT***

      Soooo, back when DC began their reboot, there was a mysterious and unknown force at play that was teased throughout all the comic book series (Batman, Superman, Aquaman, etc.). At some point in the Detective Comics series, for example, a character by the name of Dr. Oz appears and you later discover that it’s Jor-El who was time-displaced. Brian Michael Bendis decided to take this newly-introduced character for his Superman comic book series and make him a crucial component to this series which led Clark Kent to let his son go with his grandfather on a galactic trip in search for purpose and maturity (this was volume 1’s premise) and here we have Jon Kent return from his quest but 5 years older (he’s 17 now) and that’s what volume 2 is partly about! By the end of the story arc, they do fix the temporal problem of Jor-El and return him to his “timeline” though. Volume 3 is now a complete clean slate with all the new changes that I tease about in this review hahah

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  1. Though I still don’t feel a strong pull to the Superman stories, I do think this artwork looks fantastic. Boldly colored and beautifully drawn. One comment you made about rotating the graphic novel to better appreciate that sequence reminded me of David Mack’s Kabuki series, likely my all-time favorite comic series. Granted, it doesn’t look anything like this one, but he wrote and illustrated many of the comics such that you almost have to rotate as you read, with both artwork and text all over the place. I’ve always found that series very unusual and unique in the comics world. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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    1. If I were to recommend Superman stories, I would probably aim for self-contained stories (some you might have seen pass on my blog previously) instead of these long-running series though hahah

      Ohhhh! I have a copy of the first volume of that one and now I really look forward to it! I’m really glad that you’ve given your seal of approval, Todd! 😀


      1. Yeah, I suspect I might enjoy the standalone stories, especially some of the more personal ones you’ve talked about. With Kabuki, I think the first volume was a little more typically drawn for that era, in black and white. I think it was with volume 2 he started really getting creative, integrating his style of color multimedia artwork instead of making it look like a typical comic. I loved the stories in all, but it was really his creative artwork that I most enjoy. I liked it so much, in addition to owning most of it in either trade paperback or comic form, I also invested in the 4 volume hardback library editions that collect it all together. I’ve been wanting to reread them for a while now. I just hope you enjoy it even a fraction of what I do. 🙂

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        1. Now, there’s no denying how much of a fan you are of the author’s work on that series! I’m going to try and squeeze it in as a priority read next month now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! I’ll definitely keep in mind its abstract originality. 😀


  2. Huh, this time your review is much more enthusiastic than your 3 stars would indicate. Besides the fact that there are already three generations of Supermen, which for my tastes is two too many 😜, what did you find not to your liking?

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    1. Hahaha it’s because of how unconvinced I am by the revamping that Bendis executes in this series. He changes a lot of things a bit brutally and they aren’t all that refreshing. They are, however, necessary for his big plans for Superman but they aren’t always that fascinating. I also find that having almost 3 different stories in this was a bit too much for what was intended to happen! 😛


  3. Superb write-up my friend, it’s enjoyable for me to read your thoughts on Bendis’s Superman and I’m glad that they’re, for the most part, favourable. I know you’re not as taken with the Unity Saga story from Superman in comparison to the Action Comics run but, still, at least it hasn’t been totally un-worthwhile for you.

    I’m going to be very interested to see what you think of the next Superman volume since Bendis takes an even riskier leap in the lore of the character. I get that his ideas aren’t working for everyone but I definitely feel that any decades old comic character needs a little shake-up from time to time, it keeps things fresh and interesting…you always know that the next writer will simply reset the board, so to speak!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I’m glad that he’s trying to do something new and refreshing with Superman but I’m not that sold with his ideas in this Superman series, whether it’s his Doomsday-looking villain or his aged-Jon Kent. It’s not bad, it’s definitely necessary, but it’s not completely mind-blowing. I feel like there’s a bit too much that’s rushed, especially in this larger volume. The fact that it also sort of diverges from Superman and overly focuses on Jon Kent was a bit disappointing since I liked the idea of looking into Superman’s frustration over losing years of experience with his son! Looking forward to find out what he plans to do in the next volume though. Nothing was really teased at all in volume 2, leaving volume 3 a clean slate for whatever’s next! 😮

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  4. But then…why three stars only???? On a side note the clueless girl that I am had no idea that Superman had a son!!!

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    1. I’m just not sold by all these changes he’s made, even if they are somewhat necessary if he’s to create anything “new” with a character like Superman. It’s why I’m unable to rate this higher than what I scored it. I enjoyed it but need to see more of what’s to come to really say that it paid off in the end hahaha Thanks for reading, Caroline! 😀

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