What I’ve Been Watching Lately

Although I’m no much more in quarantine anymore and got back to a 40 h week work hours outside the house, I still find myself some time to indulge in some TV shows and movies lately ! 😉  Here are few that I’ve been loving :


I have fallen in love with Westworld  but Season 2 was a bit of a mess for me, I think they wanted to try too much to have us kept on our edges and so thy brought forth tons of plot twists that wasn’t really necessary to the story. Season 3 however, got way better. Have you watched Westworld yet?

Season 2 Dolores GIF by Westworld HBO - Find & Share on GIPHY


I’ve always been a fan of Ghost in The Shell movies ( animated and liveaction as well, I have nothing against Scarlett Johansson version either) so I was curious about the animated tv shows. Oh boy, I was not disappointed ! I would totally recommend these two seasons, it deals with a lot of philosophical references but also ask relevant questions about consciousness.

Just watched Stand Alone Complex that was amazing! - GIF on Imgur


ALTERED CARBON SEASON 2 : Not as good as the first season unfortunately but still enjoyable, we see the main protagonist Kovacs returns in a new sleeve with a new mission in mind. He meets unexpected comebacks along the way. The story itself its somewhat downgraded from a provocative examination of the role mortality plays in defining our humanity to a messy soap opera with a lot of punching, kicking.

Takeshi Kovacs Is Back with a Hot New Face, and Here's Your First ...

What are you guys up to lately and what have you been binge watching? 

9 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching Lately

  1. Gosh I only watched the film “Ghost in the Shell”… The one with Scarlett Johansson in it. I loved that movie last 2017. 😀 I just finished the Korean Drama “Crash Landing On You” this week. It was sooo good. Haha! I loved the story compared to other super light ones. :)) But I think I should stop first with watching anime and K-drama. 😦 I need to focus on my French haha 😅 can you recommend French films/series? Merciiiii


  2. Hope you stay safe as you are already going about your daily business! I tried watching Westworld but only got to the first few episodes… might give it another try since I know so many people love it. I’m recently rewatching Community, which is super great fun 🙂


  3. LMAOO I like your comment “messy soap opera.”
    Okay so Westworld and Altered Carbon are both on my to-watch list, but I heard about the decrease in quality of their subsequent seasons, which is why I never picked them up… is it worth though? Because personally I would like the following seasons of a show to be as strong/stronger than the first.


  4. Admittedly, I’ve been watching more films than TV at the moment, but the one show I have been watching and continuously improves with every season is the Last Kingdom. The character dynamics are brilliant on the show as is the exploration of the political landscape of 9th century Britain.
    I really enjoyed the first season of both Altered Carbon and Westworld and the messy plot of the second season of Westworld put me off, but I’m curious to see how the second season of Altered Carbon goes, just got to be in the right mood for it.


  5. I absolutely loved Stand Alone Complex, but then like you I’ve loved all the Ghost in the Shell stories I’ve seen (haven’t watched the Johansson version yet). And I have Altered Carbon and a couple other books in the series sitting on a bookshelf waiting for me to give it a read. But I haven’t really been watching much lately, just a random movie every once in a while, Annihilation most recently.


  6. Avatar the Last Airbender is back on NetFlix, so I’m bingeing that. They are like Harry Potter books to me, give me great comfort.


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