Event Leviathan by Brian Michael Bendis

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25 thoughts on “Event Leviathan by Brian Michael Bendis

  1. At this point it feels like the comic industry as a whole is running downhill with a huge boulder right on their heels. If they stop they get crushed, if they make one mis-step they get crushed and everyone is complaining about the speed with which they are running. I’m not sympathetic though, as they’re the ones who chose to jump over the guard rail in the first place…

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    1. It’s definitely not an easy terrain to play in. Redundancy is almost inevitable and then there’s the mediocre content that simply allows artists to get something on the resume and work their way towards some sort of stardom… At least not all stories are trash and I’ll gladly go through them to find those little gems hahah

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  2. I love Maleev’s work – his Daredevil run with Bendis was unparalleled! 😀
    As for this Event Leviathan, weeeell, not only the plot problem discourages me to try it, but also the repetitive idea of events every freaking few months just makes it all ridiculous 😛
    I do enjoy your wonderful reviews, Lashaan! 😀

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    1. I don’t know why but it always puts a smile on my face when I hear about the comics you’ve read or are reading hahaah You need to share more of what you’re secretly up to, Ola! 😛

      It’s not a bad event though. I just think it’s not hard to spot a couple flaws that will hinder the overall experience. I’m still following his stuff though and look forward to seeing what else Bendis dares to share in the DC universe hahah

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      1. I’m This close to creating a Goodreads account, so be careful what you wish for, Lashaan! 🤣
        I’m currently starting Monstress, so a bit of detour from the regular superhero fare.

        I find that I’m lately less of an event person (and for your information, it started before the pandemic 😜) – I started to appreciate single small events or short runs. White Knight was so-so, for many reasons, but curiously enough I really liked Icarus, or even My Own Worst Enemy (which technically was a part of an event, but was nice on its own as well).

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          1. We do have a lot in common, especially if sarcasm is a good indicator 😜

            Monstress looks great. It’s lavish and weird and I’m intrigued – mind you, just got my hands on it today!

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  3. Oh dear, I honestly thought you might have been more engaged with Event Leviathan Lashaan – but at least you did enjoy it overall despite the shortcomings you found in the story. I personally loved it, for a change it wasn’t an ‘event’ in the usual sense requiring you to follow multiple titles and one-shots. Bendis produced a neat, intriguing and pulpy detective mystery and Maleev’s art was the perfect accompaniment (much the same a his work with Bendis on their Daredevil run) and, yes, consistency!!!

    Great review my friend, I do have a feeling you may continue to be underwhelmed with Bendis’ Superman going forward (you may or may not be interested in the upcoming Event Leviathan sequel, again from Bendis and Maleev) but I look forward to your thoughts regardless!

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    1. I’m definitely grateful that it didn’t go down that crossover event road; those are quite scary, especially when they usually tend to fail too… I’m definitely trying to enjoy his stuff more but I often find myself running into these hiccups that stop me in my tracks. At least these aren’t bad at all!

      I’ll be wary for what’s to come. I have an idea, following your review, but I’ll keep an open mind and see if I feel like his approach and execution feels right in the end! Thanks for reading, my friend! Hope you’ve been staying safe.

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  4. Chris Evans shared my biggest problem with many of the events back when i was actively collecting and reading, that of involving far too many titles. This one does sound a bit more reasonable, though it sounds a little underwhelming for you. I recently reshuffled some of my comic boxes and discovered some older graphic novels and trade paperbacks (including some DC superhero titles) I’m not sure I ever read. After reading so many of your reviews of similar titles, I pulled them out thinking perhaps I’ll give them a try one of these days.

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    1. Yep, I’m not a huge fan of crossover events too. Nowadays, they all make additional off-series issues to make more money out of those events. This event, however, is decent in its own way and fans of Bendis will probably enjoy this a lot!

      Oh man, I am incredibly happy to hear that, Todd. I could only hope that your time revisiting/rekindling your love for comics will be the most positive yet! Happy reading, good sir. I look forward to hearing about your own journey down memory lane! 😀


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