Superman: Action Comics: Leviathan Hunt by Brian Michael Bendis

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20 thoughts on “Superman: Action Comics: Leviathan Hunt by Brian Michael Bendis

  1. Oh wow, didn’t know Kudranski got the whole issue to himself! I’ve beeing watching his career with interest, way to go, Szymon! 😀
    I see the comic is a mixed bag for you, Lashaan – but that it still managed to keep your goodwill, which is always a good sign. Looks to me Bendis is currently madly scrambling to get everything lined up – he is a completionist of sorts, so I guess it must be difficult for him to get all the threads in one place. I do wonder how it will all be wrapped up 🙂

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    1. Hahaha it’s so cool that you know of him! It’s the first time I’m running into him ever myself, but I’m glad to see him given a whole volume to showcase his own talents.

      If things keep up, he’ll be fumbling with too many strings to cleanly wrap things up. However, I’m still too curious about his saga at DC and what he plans to do, so I’ll probably continue until things really deescalate and end up consistently bad.

      Thanks for reading, Ola! 🙂

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      1. I know of him, and I have a friend who knows him – they grew up in one neighborhood 😉

        Yup, sounds like something not for me 😄 Poor Bendis! I feel sorry for him, just a little 🤣

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  2. Another great Bendis Superman review Lashaan! Again, I enjoyed this volume a little more than you did but I do agree with some of the points you make, points which I feel become a little more prominent in the next arc (if you thing this was ACTION comics, wait until volume 4!).

    I generally really like what Bendis is doing with Superman but it can become messy and all over the place as he tries to throw in so many other characters and groups of characters (naomi, young justice etc). I also thing the Invisible Mafia story needs to come to a head and some sort of at least semi-resolution as Leviathan seems to be an ongoing concern with the sequel mini-series looming for that. In the end, I think Bendis just needs to concentrate on Superman and a smaller, more immediate set of players and maintain some focus.

    I thought the art by Szymon Kudranski was decent but he does have the odd problem with facial expressions…nowhere near as good as what we’ve seen from Ivan Reis on the main Superman book and Steve Epting on the “Leviathan Rising” arc – but much superior to John Romita Jr who takes over after this volume!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I wish I was head over heels for Bendis’s stuff right now. I like that he’s ambitious but I feel like the execution suffers a bit for different reasons every time. But I’m still holding on. He’s not a bad writer right now at all and has some good ideas. You’re definitely right about the “a lot” quality of his stories right now. I mean, this one was almost without Superman entirely, and that’s pretty ballsy! Can’t wait to discuss about the upcoming controversial stuff.

      Dude. I thought I was the only one. When we see Superman and Lois together for the first time with Kudranski’s art, I was stunned. They didn’t LOOK like them at all… I’m not even sure what he tried to model them after.

      By the way, I forgot to ask, but in Even Leviathan, did you notice that there’s a panel where Superman’s chest logo disappears from one panel to the next? We just blue… I wonder if it’s a misprint or if they forgot to draw it…

      Oh no… You did mention in one of your reviews that Romita Jr. takes over at some point… I must’ve repressed that intel… I’m a bit scared of what I’m about to discover now hahaha

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      1. Haha, yep I did notice the disappearing Superman sigil in Event Leviathan! I give it a pass as there are so many Batman/Superman comics from past decades that I’ve read with the same issue.

        By the way (TANGENT warning), I take it you’ve heard about the release of the Snyder Cut for JL? Are you excited about that? I’m more curious now that the studio is actually going to put up $30 million for the effects etc to be completed but can’t help but feel it may be slightly redundant since Snyder’s version was intended as the first part of a story that won’t be completed and given that universe has been for the most part abandoned. Oh and what if everyone ends up hating it?

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        1. Fiouf. Thought it was just my copy that had a misprint!

          I’m actually glad that the fans voice was heard and that they actually went ahead to fulfill what will likely be his last true DC movie… I am with you as to all the backlash it might garner. The last thing we need is people saying “Now that we have the Snyder Cut, we can officially say his vision sucked” or something along those lines… At least for me (and probably you), it’s going to be fun to finally see all those scenes that had to be cut out/let go, especially in regards to Darkseid. As you’ve just mentioned, it’s going to be sad to know that we won’t get the second parter… At least Cavill seems to be coming back for more movies officially (at least there are talks!). That’s going to be interesting.

          I’ve, however, heard that Ezra Miller has been in some… hot water in the past months and putting his role as the Flash in jeopardy… I do wonder if the Flashpoint projet will still be a go and if it’ll be successful enough to reboot the universe and connect everything together (Reeve’s Batman, etc.)… Man… Exciting but scary times… Besides because of Covid!

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          1. Yeah I heard all the hoopla over Ezra Miller, shame but seems as though he’s only shot himself in the foot. I did like his Flash though.

            I’d love Cavill to come back as Superman and I’m cautious to not get too excited as there have been ‘talks’ before so until it’s officially confirmed I’ll take it with a pinch of salt…but remain hopeful!

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