What does a Blogger actually do?

How many people react negatively when you tell them you’re a blogger? As if we are a total different part of the world. Because bloggers put their efforts to create content online, they are exposing themselves to be criticized, compared and more often, judged by random strangers.

Blogging has become one of the most important ways of communicating, sharing and spreading information. But what comes with blogging is the power to blend information and artistry. Artistry can include writers to photographers, recipes, videos, etc.

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I think the main myth that everyone believes is that they think blogging is the main stream of income for bloggers. For some may be true but for most people it is not. A lot of bloggers that I know of have different jobs and still go to school, so they would go normally about their days and come back home and blog about their favourite subject. For example, blogging is my go-to thing to do when I come back from work.

The nice thing about being a blogger is that you just need a Wi-Fi connection and a tool to write your posts, post your content and boum you have it. When coffee shops used to be open, I would go to my favourite spots and sit there with my laptop to do some study and to blog right after.

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You have a subject, hobby in kind that you want to document or share with the world? You start a blog. The first phase of setting up your blog is to decide on which platform you want it to be, I wrote a post about it here. The second phase is the fun phase in my opinion, is where you create the content and you let loose of your creativity. For me, writing my first posts on Bookidote was all about that: how would I design the post, what kind of graphics should I post and what kind of pictures should I create ? The third phase is the engagement, and probably the most exhausting part of blogging is to keep track of your community by interacting with your followers. The final phase is the fourth phase where you slowly turn your blogging into habits. I have 3 different blogs because there are 3 different hobbies that I am passionate about and I just use the habits of creating content as my artistic outlet.

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How about you fellow bloggers? What are your day to day of blogging and what tips would you give to new bloggers? 🙂


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13 thoughts on “What does a Blogger actually do?

  1. When I started blogging told my family about it they thought I might be earning from it but when I said I don’t, they thought okay, that’s just for fun and you get books but not money then why are you spending lot of time for it! It’s definitely not easy to explain them what I do and after some time I just stopped explaining. I’m stay-at-home parent so my whole reading an blogging works around my daughter’s schedule. That means I don’t have fix schedule. I blog when she sleeps and read at night, sometimes till morning.


  2. Wow, three blogs and you work at a hospital! I’ve tried blogging about nature or queer events before, but they never stuck like my book blog.
    It really is just for fun- I think at most I’ve gotten one book directly for blogging- never any money. I think if you get really popular you can buy your site and monetize it, but the costs are too high for ads to fully cover it unless you’re like The Bloggess or something.


  3. The subject of blogging doesn’t come up all that often, but so far I’ve not had anyone who seemed to look down on it. Perhaps because it’s almost always along the lines of letting them know that’s where they can see some of my photography. As with many, it’s a very part-time thing for me, putting in the time after work when I’m able to gather enough motivation. The biggest tip I have is to be sure you enjoy whatever it is you blog about, and enjoy the process of blogging. If you don’t enjoy it you’re not likely to keep doing it. And the 2nd tip would be not to get discouraged if you don’t build an immediate audience. It can take time, especially if you’re not heavily into social media and marketing yourself. Have patience and just keep going for as long as you enjoy it.


  4. Hi there! Right now, I am working at a coffee shop, but I am looking for something else. I am looking for something new. I realized I wanted to blog four years ago, when my friend did a guided meditation writing exercises. It is where she reads a guided meditation and she then gives you a line to write about and you write about whatever you are feeling. No editing, just free falling. I felt really proud of what I wrote and I felt like I wanted to share my wisdom with others. I am so glad I did. I can’t wait to read your blog and learn more about you. My blog is about bettering yourself, chasing after your goals and how to be happy with less of your belongings. and being grateful. I also love to cook so there are some recipes available. I am going to write about books too.

    Tips I would give to new bloggers is to not be your worst critic, don’t be so hard on yourself. You never know who is going to come across your posts and fall in love with what you are writing about. Another tip, schedule some time throughout the day or week and really just focus on writing your blog. Even just 15 or 20 uninterrupted minutes can take you so far. Tell your family and friends about your blog and suggest to them to help you promote it. I hope that helps.


  5. My IRL friends aren’t as geeky as me and don’t read as much as I do, so blogging is an outlet for me and a way to reach other kindred spirits.


  6. One of the things that I love about having blogging as a hobby, is it makes me feel productive to work on my blog. There are a lot of days where I feel conflicted about wanted to relax, and wanting to be productive, and for me blogging is both! It takes a bit of work to write and format and post, but I love every second of it.

    I’ve been a full time student ever since I started my blog, and the work that I put into my blog never really feels like work at all. And when it does, that’s when I know I need to take a break. So that would be my advice to new bloggers. Make sure you enjoy the experience, and if you’re not enjoying, take a break to recharge and reflect on what you changes need to be made so that you enjoy yourself!


  7. Awesome post! I feel like I often don’t tell people about my blog (close friends excluded) bc I do feel people premature judge about what it means to be a blogger, but also bc I don’t want people to make assumptions about my personality based on what I choose to blog about. That being said being a blogger is a lot of work! And I don’t think nonbloggers understand the time and commitment it takes to stay on top of posting and interacting w followers?!! This post perfectly highlights all the struggles and troubles and benefits of being a part of the blogging community, thanks so much for sharing 🥰


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