Justice League: The Sixth Dimension by Scott Snyder

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20 thoughts on “Justice League: The Sixth Dimension by Scott Snyder

    1. Agreed. Sucks that how the business works, it’s almost impossible sometimes to only keep one artist for one story-arc. Most artists end up on multiple contracts/projects and can’t deliver on a bi-weekly schedule too. I’m just glad that most of this volume was given to Jimenez though. His artwork is amazing!

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  1. Jimenez’s art looks great; but I’m increasingly convinced Snyder used all his good ideas already and now is running on fumes (and I don’t even want to know what fumes exactly! Something acidic, I bet…) 😜

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    1. Yep. I’m loving his work more and more. It just fits with Scott Snyder. Sort of like how Ivan Reis or Jim Lee fits with Geoff Johns.

      Hahahahahaha I can’t blame you for the acid. He does go quite insane sometimes. I almost facepalm at some of the ideas he incorporates in his stories but then I have a good laugh and the story gets back to kicking ass and get carried away with the flow. 😛

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    1. Exactly. Great art can do so much for a comic book/graphic novel! Jimenez’s art is truly fantastic and I love seeing it used for such an epic story.

      Hahahaha I’m glad to hear that you now discovered its origin! Now you know why Batman is the best too. Without him, nothing would’ve really took off! 😉

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    1. Noo, that’s Zack Snyder, the director who gave us Watchmen, 300, Batman v. Superman, Justice League, etc. His Snyder Cut is something that everyone petitioned to get because during production, Joss Whedon came to finish the Justice League movie and made several changes, and Warner Bros also cut out a lot of the original movie! 😀 The Snyder cut will be his full vision of what he wanted the movie to be.

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  2. Awesome review sir, despite my feelings about Metal and some of Snyder’s other work I did for the most part enjoy his stint on Justice League with James Tynion. Some of the ideas were a bit mind-boggling but I don’t mind as long as it makes some kind of sense and doesn’t dial right up to “full on Grant Morrison” haha! Jorge Jimenez is just getting better and better and I can’t wait to see him do more Batman as “Joker War” nears.

    If you like this kind of storytelling, you really should check out Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men which starts with the “House of X/Powers of X” collection which I thought was pretty amazing and heady stuff!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I appreciate it. I think it’s the part where it essentially makes sense that makes this all digestible hahah I too can’t wait Joker War. It seems be building up quite nicely for now.

      Do I need to read anything in particular to fully appreciate House of X/Powers of X? I’d be curious to dive into it upon your recommendation hahah


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