Justice League: Justice/Doom War by Scott Snyder

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23 thoughts on “Justice League: Justice/Doom War by Scott Snyder

  1. Great stuff Lashaan (first comment!!!) – it’s fun for me to read these reviews as it serves as a recap having read the individual issues as they came out. Whilst Geoff Johns’s run remains the gold standard JL for me, the Snyder/Tynion series was generally very good – especially this final arc.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what you think of Robert Venditti’s run, I’m a fan of his writing mainly from the (now defunct) Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps series and Hawkman. His JL run has been enjoyable so far but feels like it has more potential…and consistency, there seems to be a different artist every issue of late!

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    1. Thanks, man! I think the whole Aquaman stunt really killed its momentum for me. It was so diluted and overstretched. But overall it was pretty decent indeed. Tough to be beat what Geoff Johns accomplished.

      I’m very hesitant about Venditti’s run. It sounds generic and underwhelming. The constant change of artist almost sounds like a creative team that has no plans. Like they’re stalling till the next big writer takes on JL post-Snyder’s Death Metal event… 😮

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  2. Ok, sounds more promising than before… Though that Perpetua/Justice/Doom thing is just not my thing at all 😛
    Great review, Lashaan – but before I commit myself to this, I want to see your review of the crossover which would probably be the real conclusion to this story arc! 😀

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    1. Hahahah it’s a bit less psychedelic but still quite insane at times. 😛 If you ever give it a try, I’d love to laugh at how you’d react to Luthor’s transformation. 😉

      I’m very, very skeptical about Death Metal. I wish the whole Metal thing would’ve stayed a one-time event but hey… we’re here… and they’re going there… Might as well see what they plan on doing now. 😛

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  3. You capture the mind of the reader with the very first paragraph – SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! YOU NEED TO TEACH ME THIS, Lashaan! I am going to bug you about it until you don’t, I am telling you! 🤪

    O_O Perpetua, the evil Goddesss – sealed away — WHOA! This sounds soo awesome. Kinda like in Supernatural, Amara (God’s sister) was sealed away by him because she hated the world he had created (or so he told everyone! HUH!) 😱

    Whenever I read the word – Psychedelic – I can’t help but think of Depp’s movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” 🤣 Have you watched it? ITS AWESOME!

    I am glad that Scott Snyder’s addition of Gods into the world of Superheroes delighted you! It does sound awesome, really + the fact that the art was mesmerising as well must have made it into a fulfilling reading experience, yeah?

    Well, I am so very glad that you enjoyed this one, Lashaan! And as usual – YOUR REVIEW WAS BRILLIANT!😇🦋🌻

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    1. Are you kidding me? You do introductions even better yooo! And your enthusiasm (like here) just makes things even better too! 😛

      Hahahah Perpetua is indeed quite the being! 😛 You just don’t want to be in her way when he has all her powers at the tip of her fingers. 😀

      I actually haven’t seen that Depp movie but I’ve seen bits of it throughout my life hahahah The word sure does fit it though. 😛

      Yep. Snyder’s ideas + the artwork just makes everything perfect together! 😀

      Thank you so much for dropping by, Rain! It was a delight to see your comment on my review! Your enthusiasm was missed. 😀 😀

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      1. You flatter me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No, mine are a result of a flood of emotions, but yours? *Well crafter, carefully worded, beautifully executed!!* 😇🦋

        You are most welcome, Lashaan! I missed your posts as well. So great to be back! 😇🦋

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  4. Although I have not read any of the Justice League series, I like the good vs evil, the idea that self-belief and faith in self play a role as well. Wonderful, detailed and complete review Lashaan. I wonder if the library would have these?

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    1. Thank you so much for checking out this review, Carla! I’m definitely a fan of the whole world-building and thematic exploration in this series. Despite some niggles, it’s still explosive fun. I think a lot of bigger libraries do have their own extensive comic book corner nowadays but if there’s a Justice League series that’s accessible to all readers, it’s probably Geoff Johns’ run! 😀

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