31 thoughts on “We Ride the Storm by Devin Madson

  1. WOW! This is the first totally enthusiastic review I’ve read of this book, since so far I’ve seen mostly lukewarm comments which have prevented me from adding the novel to my very crowded TBR. But your mention of the wonderful world-building and the political undercurrents in the story have convinced me to give this one a chance one of these days…
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. That’s funny, I actually felt like there was an abundance of love for this series from many avid fantasy readers out there hahaha If you do ever give it a try, I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did, if not more. It’s definitely promising and hopefully it’ll deliver by the end of the series! 😀 Thanks for reading, Maddalena!

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  2. Great review as always, Lashaan! The series sounds indeed super promising, and I usually love when there is not just one main character! Thanks for sharing your impressions in such a captivating way! 😊

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  3. I’m not entirely sure if this one is for me, but there’s enough here to keep it on my list of books to possibly try. I’m not a huge fan of gore, but if it doesn’t go too overboard I can deal with it. I’m not that big on politics, yet I find myself sometimes enjoying it when in speculative fiction (Dune, anyone?). But I do enjoy worldbuilding and worlds inspired by a range of cultures, and low-fantasy with little, or sometimes no, magic can be very refreshing. Great review, Lashaan.

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    1. I think it would be a fun one to test out. I doubt it would turn out to be mediocre too. It isn’t politically-heavy though but there are some elements that tie it all together through politics. And I agree. Low-fantasy is quite fun sometimes, making it feel like historical fiction with a touch of magic (sort of like what you find in legends/mythology) but actually exist! 😀 Thanks for reading, Todd!


  4. I really enjoyed this one! I do agree the mysteries were a little too vague. “What is X?” *other character proceeds to ignore question* Hoping we get more answers in book 2! I loved the characters and the chapters just flew by.

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  5. Yours is the first enthusiastic review of this book, Lashaan, but I think I’ll still keep it on back burner. Somehow it just doesn’t seem to click with me. But your review is great, as always, Lashaan! 😄

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  6. I was so sure I had commented on this one? 😱

    Captain Rah e’Torin! SUCH AN EXOTIC NAME! 😍😍 Lowkey reminds you of Thorin in The Hobbit! Wouldn’t you agree?!

    Multiple POVs are soo hard to manage and the fact that the author accomplished that definitely speaks in favor of his writing skills!

    I am glad you liked it Lashaan! It really does seem like a great read. 🦋🌻

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    1. Don’t worry about. There are always countless posts coming from me. 😉 And a whole back catalog to go through if you have nothing better to do hahahaha

      Torin… Thorin… Yes. Yes. I see the resemblance! 😛 😛

      Yes, she juggles the multiple POVs quite well. Looking forward to how she continues the rest of the series.

      Thanks for reading, Rain! Always a pleasure to see your hyper-enthusiasm on my posts! 😉

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      1. To be honest, in these times, I REALLY don’t have anything better to do! 🤣🤣 BUT….I’d read your back posts EVEN IN A BUSY SCHEDULE BECAUSE….well…I love them! 🤷🏻‍♀️😉


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    1. Indeed! The second book’s cover reveal also assures us that the style will be maintained too. And I agree. I’ve seen the whole prostitute turned assassin quite often before and it’s always a fun idea if that character’s personality is done right. 😀 Thanks for reading!

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  7. This one sounds fantastic! I’ll be sure to pick it up when I’m out of my fantasy slump. The three characters sound intriguing and I can’t decide who I like the sound of more. Prostitute turned assassin or the exiled soldier.

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    1. Oh man, that slump sounds awful, but it’s still nice that you have other things to keep you entertained nowadays, 😀 And you’re right! That’s why this book had a really good premise to work with and one that had my interest from that start. Hope you get the chance to try it out someday, Aaron!

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