Nightwing: Year One by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty

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40 thoughts on “Nightwing: Year One by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty

  1. I never was into Grayson, either as Robin or Nightwing. I’m glad he became his own character though. I just wish Tim Drake had gone on to be as successful a character as Nightwing. Oh well 🙂

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      1. The whole “Bat Family” thing just makes me feel like they (DC) keeps reaching for new ideas because the people they hire either can’t tell a good story or are so constrained by DC that they can’t tell a good story.

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  2. Wait what? You can fire Robin? What? I….okay. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    Well, good on him to go and find his own purpose and fight for it alone now. Still…WHY WAS HE FIRED THOUGH?!? 😭🥺

    Awww! In the end, it does sound a great idea for Grayson to go off on his, after all that’s how he’ll realise his true worth and purpose, giving him the confidence he needs to keep fighting!

    LOVED THE REVIEW, Lashaan. As always. 😇🦋

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  3. The story sounds good. I’m not sure about the artwork, but at least it is bright and colorful. I haven’t read any of Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing run, so I’m curious. I have a copy of his Robin: Year One which I still need to read. I remember Dixon’s Bane stories fondly; those days of Knightfall and the Broken Bat. Cool review, Lashaan😎

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    1. Same. Not a huge fan of the art style but at least it’s consistent! It’s the least you could pray for with these comic book story-arcs hahaha He also does Batgirl: Year One, unsurprisingly, and it’s fun to see how Dixon tells these stories and sets the foundation for these characters. Oh maaaaaan, the Knightfall saga was so epic hahaha It is a bit over-stretched, but the iconic moments were ICONIC. 😛 Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Wakizashi, I appreciate it. 😀

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  4. Awesome write-up my friend! I must admit that I’m always a little dubious about these “Year One” DC titles, they’re clearly influenced by, but ultimately never live up to, the greatness of Frank Miller & David Mazzuchelli’s classic Batman story. I did see a preview of Nightwing: Year One but was honestly put off by the art style, but it’s encouraging that you found it’s actually quite suited to Dixon’s writing (and I am a fan of his 90s Batman work).

    May have to check it out when it’s part of a digital sale!

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    1. Hahaha you’re right, but after Miller and Mazuchelli’s Batman: Year One, we all know that Miller could never do a proper Year One again! 😛 I do find that these Year One titles are nice entry points for people who want to know how some characters become the heroes we know them to be. This Nightwing Year One reprint was simply refreshing for me. It covered all the main progressive elements of his transition to Nightwing but the artwork is indeed off-putting! At least, it’s consistent! 😀 Thanks for reading, Chris! I appreciate it.

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  5. Origin stories can be fun. And it seems a bit refreshing to have one that’s less grim and more uplifting. I wonder, given that, if it was marketed at younger audiences? Or was this just a nice move on the part of the writers? Great review!

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    1. I think they kept it relatively-mature here and consistent with those past ongoing Batman stories since Batgirl isn’t exactly younger-audience-friendly in her design hahahah But this does present the quintessential Robin-to-Nightwing transition for those curious to know how it all went down. 😀 Thanks for reading, Todd!


  6. I’m usually quite put-off by origin stories (so many of them recently and they get re-hashed every time there’s a new film or tv-series). I do love Nightwing, though. I collected the first 20 or so of his New 52 outings and found them to be great reads.

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    1. At least this one is just a reprint of a past Year One story-arc hahaha I too find some of the newer origin story retellings a bit hard to enjoy, especially when they try to introduce new things to the character’s lore. Ohhh, that’s pretty cool! Tom King’s Grayson series is also pretty popular if you ever want more Grayson (he becomes a superspy instead of Nightwing there)! 😀

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  7. This one looks and sounds quite promising! I always had a soft spot for Grayson, either as Robin or as Nightwing, and his relationship with Batman, when done well, is truly a highlight. Glad you enjoyed it, Lashaan – and cool review! 😀

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  8. Gotta grab this. Been a Nightwing fan since day 1–New Teen Titans was the comic for me at the time, and I read the issue where Grayson adopted the new name/costume dozens of times. Pretty sure I have that issue still, somewhere. Any well-told Nightwing story is always a welcome treat.

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  9. Hmmm the graphics look a little different in this one as compared to the rest I’ve seen in your recent reviews. Feels like its targeted for a slightly younger audience? I’m not sure just a thought coz I’m not familiar with this genre and learning about it through your blog 🙂 Great review, Lashaan!

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