32 thoughts on “Berserker Unbound by Jeff Lemire

    1. In most comics, when a character speaks a different language than the comic book’s original language (e.g. French within English or Alien within English), they put angle brackets around the dialogue within the speech bubble and write what’s inside in English. That was the case here. While they try to communicate, the reader can understand both of them and see if they known what they’re saying, if they’re working out of pure luck or through guesswork. 😀

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    1. It is, right? I could reread it just to gaze at the artwork. Especially the action scenes. Stunning stuff.

      I think it’s a new character based on the Norse lore. He sort of gives off Conan vibes too but the intention was to create one that was menacing but with a heart.

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    1. It’s a hit or miss with Lemire for me too. I still give him a chance to see what crazy ideas he has. And to see him abuse those father-son relationship bonds in his stories. That being said, I have a “digital mini review wrap up” to come that you’ll love, now that I know how much of a fan you are of Lemire. 😀

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  1. Yea, I would like to see Harry Potter go Disney World. Better yet, Snape or Voldemort or Professor McGonagall or Dumbledore at Disney World riding a rollercoaster or something lol!
    Anyway, I’m loving the illustrations in this one. I saw it my comic bookstore’s website and have been tempted to check it out. So now I plan since you piqued my interest with this review.

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    1. Hahahaha Dumbledore on a rollercoaster. Game over. The sight of it alone could kill people! 😛

      I think it’s totally worth checking out. It’s short, sweet, fun, pretty. It’s not overly-complex at all. It opens a world of opportunities too but no long term projects in sight for now. Hope you enjoy it if you ever give it a try. 😉

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  2. My first reaction is this storyline feels like one that’s been done too often, and based on your review it doesn’t appear all that different from what’s come before. Granted, that’s not to say I can’t still find enjoyment in a storyline that’s been done to death, but it does take something extra, and it sounds like this doesn’t quite have that. I do like the artwork, though, it looks absolutely fantastic.

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    1. I definitely agree with you. It’s why I still wanted to try it out too. I had a feeling that it might not do something that has never been done before but the final product still seemed decent enough for a nice quick read, which was the case in the end. Thanks for reading, Todd! 😀


    1. You know… I wanted to mention Batman somewhere too but he’s been through so many “Elseworlds” stories that he’s pretty much done it all hahaha

      Oh, really? That’s fascinating. Then again.. “Not speak to you” and “not good” aren’t necessarily the same, right? 😮

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  3. Bilbo in space?! BUT HE WILL STARVEE! You know the dietary needs of a hobbit, don’t you?! 🥺🥺

    There is an evil wizard TOOOO?!?! 😍😍😍😍 And that quote you chose, ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

    Oops! I am so sorry the storyline fell weak later on, Lashaan! BUT I AM

    Loved the review. As always! And you know Harry Potter at Disneyland would actually be a GREAT idea! 😉🤣

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  4. There seems to be a tendency for comic books to have a “rushed” sense of storytelling. I wonder if it’s due to them knowing there will be pictures, which can help carry the story along. Somewhat of a reliance on a picture says a thousand words.

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